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Photon energy argument against cell phones causing cancer

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    I remember reading on this forum (probably) about how it was physically impossible for cell phones to cause damage to DNA. A microwave photon has energy in the meV range. My biology and chemistry aren't all that great, and what little I could properly google gave me the idea that molecular bonds are on the order of a few eV. If these numbers are right, it seems to make sense that microwave emissions from cell phones can't do damage in the sense that they directly screw with DNA to cause cancer (as is the typical public perception). Is this about right?
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    Indeed. Microwave radiation is non-ionizing. It doesn't contain near enough energy to break bonds. The most a cell phone will do is heat up the water and in turn, the tissue in its general vicinity by a fraction of a degree.
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    The thing I'm wondering is what the argument for cancer being caused by cell phones is? I want actual numbers and .... you know, science.
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    People love to scare themselves. Why do you think horor movies are so popular?
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