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Physics College that I can get in to

  1. Sep 23, 2015 #1
    I am currently a junior in high school very interested in physics. I want to pursue physics and I want to know where I can get in and what else I can do to help get in. I currently have around a 4.89 GPA weighted and a 4.0 unweighted but that may drop cause I might get 1 B this semester. I will be taking the sat for the first time in a week and I do not expect an extremely high score, probably something around 2100-2200. I have some extracurriculars but I want to know what I can do to help with my app. I'm looking for summer internships to get experience and try to learn some more physics. I am very interested in astrophysics and modern physics. Thank you.
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    A lot depends on your ACT and SAT scores. Also, most students can get merit based scholarships to schools a tier or two lower than schools they barely get into that cost much more than they can afford. I recommend most students shoot for scholarships at one of the two best physics schools in their state. A debt free degree from one of the two best schools in your state will open more doors than six figures of debt from a top 10 school.

    Competing in and doing well in an ISEF affiliated science fair has been known to significantly enhance college applications.

    Too many schools are offering too many AP courses for that to have much appeal for colleges any more. Taking some dual enrollment courses (Calculus, Chemistry, Physics) at a real college will show schools you are really ready for college level work, especially if you earn As and impress the profs so they will write you letters of recommendation. Admissions committees see lots of rave reviews of high school students written by high school teachers and coaches. Letters of recommendation from college profs mean much more.
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    What kind of schools are you interested in?
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