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Physics Grad School Prospectives

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    Hello all,

    Just wanted your opinion on my prospectives for grad school. What are some "safety" schools that I should consider? Likewise, what are some schools that I might have a fair chance of getting into? Do I have a chance for schools like MIT/Berkeley/Stanford/Santa Barbara?

    I screwed up on the math GRE-will this make a difference? Also, I'm still waiting on my writing score, but it would be best to assume its no better than 4.

    GRE scores:
    verbal: 590
    math: 770
    writing: still waiting

    Physics: (800 on practice exam under testing conditions, still waiting for results from the real one that I took November)

    GPA: 3.45/4.0 (maybe a little higher for physics courses)
    from one of the top 20 US Universities

    I've taken the following courses:
    class mech
    undergrad quantum
    Adv. E&M
    particle physics
    physical chemistry
    intro. computational physics
    graduate quantum (taking this year)

    I've been doing research continually since winter of my sophomore year. I'm currently preparing a paper for publication.

    Thanks for your help:)
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    What field are you interested in?
    What field is your paper in?
    What math courses have you taken? and how did you do?
    Do you prefer a big school (with a large physics graduate-student entering class)? or a small one?
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