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Physics Physics master program at Stony Brooks.

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    I am a master student in France. With a good curriculum after a double undergraduate program between Brazil's best physics program and a France's top engeniering school. I applied to several PhD programs for this fall and the only acceptance I got was at SUNY Stony Brooks for a MA program without funding.
    I would like to know different things: (1) if this program is actually good, (2) how are the changes of after one year in SUNY's MA to get to a top university PhD like Princeton, (3) or is a PhD at Stony Brooks equally well, for a student like me who aims at Mathematical Physics. (4) I have a second possibility, that would probably be to end my master in France at Ecole Normale Superieur - but after that I would really like to do a PhD in the US. Was it the best option?
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    Stony Brook is a good school, with a good reputation. However, it is not very prestigious. The coursework is rigorous and there is a LOT of research, but the prestige of the school is far below were it should be (it is quite an amazing school actually).
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