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Physics or Joint Math/Physics Honours?

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    Which of the two would you recommend? I'm thinking that a joint degree in Math and Physics would be better for graduate studies, but the courses for a simple physics degree sound "more fun":
    Specifically, the last year curriculum varies. The complementary courses for Physics offer more variety, whereas it seems to me that the physics/math courses are pretty restricted (when it comes to physics). So, which one is best in your opinion?
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    The first year(U1) is common to both programs, so you have to choose only at the 2nd year. Basically, you replace the labs and the research project with math courses and you have less upper level physics to take. It's a good preparation for theoretical physics. It's also the hardest of the physics program, about only 5 graduate each year. Next fall I am enrolling in that program after I finish my CEGEP.
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    I see. The main thing that was worrying me was the lack of uper-level physics courses, but I guess I can always take whatever I'm missing as a grad student. I guess I'll see you there next fall, then!
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    You can take other physics courses as electives if you have extra time, you are not limited to only the classes they require.
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    Just to know, are you from Quebec or from somewhere else ? I'm from Quebec and I speak french as my mother tongue.
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    I'm in the same situation as you are.

    I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense. The required classes add up to 81 credits, and 3 years is 90 credits, so that means I have 9 other credits to take (I think), or 3 other classes (3 credits/class).

    Thanks for your help!
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