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Physics or math best companion to telecom engineering?

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    Ok I've just been accepted into an Engineering / Science double degree at a good university in Australia. I'm 26 and actually just resigned from my boring dead-end job today (yay to me).
    I've decided Electrical Engineering is the best option for me. I am good at math when I put in the work.
    I am more attracted (at the moment, before actually starting any of the study) to something like telecommunications engineering rather than computer or power systems.
    I have to make a decision between Physics and Math as the major for the science degree. Which would you recommend as the perfect partner for telecommunications engineering? Or, alternatively, is there a strong reason for me to drop the science and pursue the vanilla EE degree?
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    I'm not in university yet but it seems to me that a double major would be too much of a burden to be worth it. If you are motivated to learn math or physics purely because you enjoy it, then it would be worth it. If EE is what you want to do then you should focus on your EE classes and take any math/physics classes that interest you, without majoring in it (maybe a minor?).
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    hrmm yeah i'm thinking it might just be better to do the straight engineering and gain the benefit of all the electives. i'm sure the EE degree will teach me all the math i need for EE.
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    It would probably be a good idea to talk to your EE prof's in your first semester. They could give you a better picture of what would be best.
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