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Intro Physics Physics Principles and Problems Zitzewitz Review

  1. May 1, 2015 #1
    Physics Principles and Problems by Zitzewitz General Physics Textbook The book is by the McGraw and they are known for the good textbooks. read this book at my school but my school went so slow through the chapters so I read the book in a month, 1 chapter a day a total of 30 chapters, each chapter has about 6-8 pages of text, therefore there are a lot of adds labs and ads in the book.

    I only want to recommend this book because it is good in my opinion, there are a few draw backs to it such as the test at the end of each chapter has only shows odd solutions in back of book. and the book lets you know what you have to know about the equations and the physics but ultimately the student has to think to solve the problems. Overall you learn a lot of the chapter by doing the problems.

    Therefore the book is mildly rigorous. The explainations of the actual physics without math are good but not the best. The book is math intensive.With that said the book would be a great way to study for the AP physics B test in HS

    Physics Concepts:3.5/5
    Problems:5/5(the problems make you think)
    In depth details:5/5
    Applications to technology explainations:5/5

    Overall:26.5/30 for a good physics book in my opinion.

    Other people who have read this book feel free to add anything to what I said.
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  3. May 1, 2015 #2
    Thanks for the review!
  4. May 2, 2015 #3
    I forgot to add that the book does not use calculus,it uses pre-calculus instead. Since there are 31 chapters it covers all of general physics from motion/mechanics to nuclear physics/modern physics.
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