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Physics Problem + Solution Database

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    I started up a database of problems and solutions for physics, chemistry and maths. Take a look
    http://toxicopoeia.com/?get=problems&cat=physics [Broken]
    I've only added physics questions at the moment. All the variables are randomly generated so people can keep practicing the same kinds of questions. I only just got started with this I'm planning on throwing in things like function graphers and diagram generators. If any of you want to see any physics/chemistry related questions added tell me and I'll throw them in. Also if you wanna add a question can you write out the solution yourself because it takes me ages to do the solutions.
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    that's a good site,thanks horsebox
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    Thanks. The theme of that site is the mind and methods of optimizing and altering it but my life obsession encompasses nearly everything science related so I had to throw it in
    http://toxicopoeia.com/?get=science [Broken]
    Dunno how I'll integrate it in but I suppose it all goes hand in hand. Scientific knowledge is like ammunition for the mind so the site might as well provide resources to help people learn. I can think of plenty of things which would be of huge benefit to anyone learning. For one dynamic graphs and diagrams which go with every question to give people a visual idea of whats going on.

    Something I think would be brilliant would be dynamic graphs which the user controls by inputting variables. For example a picture of a balloon and below the user can input values for volume, pressure and temperature. I have plenty of ideas its all a matter of being able to convert them into a web application. For example I want to make a virtual lab where people can learn lab safety and practice through trial and error without the real risks. They could poison themselves, blow themselves up and burn the lab down as much as they like. I think that people really could learn how to work in a lab safely the same way people learn to fly planes playing flight simulator. The only thing stopping me from doing this is the fact I don't know any flash.
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    This is well infomative site, helpfull for students as well as who work in any department espacially in teaching job, but have the intrested in these fields
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    Do you have BAUPC problems and solutions? (I downloaded and did a few of them but now the link goes dead...).
    If you do, can you send them to: [email address deleted by moderator] ?
    If you don't, do you know anyone who does?
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    I don't know if this is the same site you used, but it appears to be working now:


    Looks like a good collection of problems.
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    An excellent site! Thanks for sharing.
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    hi friends.. iam a student of me 3rd yr.
    i dont have any idea about diffrent streams of mechanical engineering.
    could anyone help...
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