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The major unsolved problems in physics are either problematic with regards to theoretically considered scientific data, meaning that existing analysis and theory seem incapable of explaining certain observed phenomenon or experimental results, or problematic with regards to experimental design, meaning that there is a difficulty in creating an experiment to test a proposed theory or investigate a phenomenon in greater detail.
There are still some questions beyond the Standard Model of physics, such as the strong CP problem, neutrino mass, matter–antimatter asymmetry, and the nature of dark matter and dark energy. Another problem lies within the mathematical framework of the Standard Model itself—the Standard Model is inconsistent with that of general relativity, to the point that one or both theories break down under certain conditions (for example within known spacetime singularities like the Big Bang and the centres of black holes beyond the event horizon).

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  1. J

    B Are there any unsolved physics problems?

    I was curious if there were any unsolved physics problems and if so which is the most important or intriguing. I have been meaning to contribute to the scientific field in some capacity and I think solving an unresolved issue in physics could do just that. Thanks!
  2. LCSphysicist

    Is there anything such as "Magazine of Physics problems"?

    The question is on the title. I was just thinking if exist some magazine on physics and maths whose only focus is to publish interesting problems and solutions?
  3. VVS2000

    Studying Mastering Physics Problems: Tips and Advice for Solving Challenges

    Hello All! I recently finished my undergrad but to be honest I actually feel like not learning anything. I could ace the tests because I knew the "pattern" of questions that would come but now if I open an EM textbook by griffiths, I am pretty sure I understand the topic but struggle a lot in...
  4. Tapias5000

    How can I solve these two physics problems? (equilibrium and moment)

    I tried to solve it and I got the following is it correct? and 2 My solution... is a negative distance?
  5. P

    Analyzing the Fall of a Chain: Problem 103 of 200 Puzzling Physics Problems

    My attempt: At first, only a small part of the chain has fallen through. Let that part have mass m, speed v, and length x. Suppose the chain has a mass per unit length of u. To accelerate a small length of chain on the table to speed v, Force needed = v dm/dt = v (dm/dx) * (dx/dt) = uv^2...
  6. A

    Physics problems with Newton's law of gravitation

    I do not know how to do this because in order to find the force of gravity it seemed to me i need to know the mass of the planet and vice versa, and for the 1st exercice i do not know whether the planet fills the astronaut's field of view. If it does in understand that i need to use trigonometry...
  7. W

    Intro Physics Physics problems for visually impared children

    So I'm currently doing research on studying physics by visually impaired children. I know, that there are many techniques to teach such a kid physics, but what I don't like about these techniques is that they are mostly tactile-based and implement graphs and illustrations in Braille and...
  8. J

    B Gaining Perspective on Valid Digits in Physics Problems

    I am trying to gain some perspective into the topic of «number of valid digits» when doing physics problems. I have been doing physicsproblems for å long time, but i have never really understood why the rules regarding number of digits to include in the final answer - is the way that it is. I...
  9. J

    Can you get better at solving physics problems

    I am taking an introductory physics course at college right now and honestly, I'd rather take an uppercut to the jaw then take another physics class. I'm great at Mathematics(that's my major) but I just can't seem to get any physics problems. I have so much trouble setting them up and solving...
  10. A

    Classical Searching for Challenging Physics Problems: E&M, Optics, Thermo & Mechanics

    Hi! As the title suggests, I am searching for some good problem books with really challenging problems for classical physics, more precisely on the topics of electricity and elecromagnetism, geometrical optics and wave optics, thermodynamics and analytical mechanics. When I say challenging I...
  11. D

    Classical What other books can supplement Serway's physics problems for undergrads?

    (for undergrad) What is the best book that I can use with the book Serway?The problems in Serway are not enough for me
  12. StillLearningToronto

    Using a CCD camera to solve physics problems

    (Sorry for Length) 1. Homework Statement You have decided to use a CCD camera to check if a 16th magnitude quasar is variable. You can presume that all of the light of your quasar falls on one pixel. You know that a star with a magnitude of 0 would deliver 1 × 10^9 photons/second to one pixel...
  13. vanessa99

    B Expert Tips for Solving Physics Problems | Ace Your Finals in 6 Days!

    Hello everyone! My finals in physics are in the corner (actually in 6 days) and I have studied a lot. Tho, my teacher yesterday told me that in the exams, unfortunately, I won't be able to make the hard thought or solve the hard problem. And that almost 1 week before just took me apart. And ok I...
  14. F

    I Longer math and physics problems

    When solving a math or physics problem, the process usually starts with recognizing what type of problem it is and which equations need to be used. This is simple for more straight forward problems. If they give you mass and acceleration and ask you to find the force, you have all parts of the...
  15. F

    B Mastering Physics Problem Solving: Tips and Rules for Success

    Generally, what are the steps in solving a physics problem? Some problems are straight forward, and you can just plug some numbers into an equation to get an answer, but with other problems, I sometimes don’t even know where to start. I generally just solve the problem by fiddling around with...
  16. S

    Other Where can I find some hard physics problems? (Mech/EM)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some nice new physics challenges similar to physics.harvard.edu Problem of the Week or the 2 star and above problems in Morin's Intro to Classical Mechanics (also Feynman problems). Where else can I find such problems? Or does anyone know of a few that they could share?
  17. Arman777

    Studying Missing thing while solving physics problems

    I am trying to solve some physics problems but sometimes I miss some stuff.Like in the logical part sometimes I forget to include some force or things like that.I am a freshman student. Is it improve over time (to see the missing part that I couldn't see ) or ıt depends the question number...
  18. G

    Tech Impact of Solutions to both Millennium Physics Problems

    Out of the 6 remaining Millennium Prize Problems, two concern physics, the Navier-Stokes smoothness problem and the Yang-Mills mass gap problem. What I'm curious about is, if both problems were to be solved right now, what would be the immediate experimental and/or technological impacts of the...
  19. E

    Need a little push. [Simple Physics Problems]

    Homework Statement Question A car starts from rest and uniformly increases its speed at a rate of 0.7 m/s2 on a circular track of radius R = 253 m. What is the magnitude of the car’s net acceleration after 50 s? acen=.7m/s^2 t=50s R=253m Homework Equations Equations acen=(v^2)/r Maybe...
  20. X

    Courses Why Do Physics Problems Seem Hard Despite a Strong Math Background?

    I try doing the assignments and I just can't do it, like my approach is completely wrong. What do you think went wrong? What is the best way to approach this? Thanks
  21. M

    Physics Problems on Flash Tv Series

    Hello, i am not sure where to discuss it but here maybe proper for this thread. I just want to discuss about DC's Tv show Flash and physics on it like singularity or parallel universes?
  22. A

    Use of floor and ceiling functions in physics problems

    Homework Statement explained on document attached Homework Equations Energy on a spring and work done by friction The Attempt at a Solution Included on document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FNrmIkkWzyZJNsbGbq_DYMyMZbpyMcAYKYk9iTbdR-4/edit?usp=sharing
  23. A

    Who Is Amit Gupta and How Can He Revolutionize Your Physics Learning?

    My name is Amit Gupta and I am a teacher of physics and calculus, I have experienced in physics last several years, I love to solve physics equations, Anyone who have problems in physics and calculus subjects, I will provide you a right solution through problems practice. We are working towards...
  24. M

    AP Physics Problem: Solving Homework Equations

    Homework Statement 1 c and e from the jpeg image. Homework Equations W = Fd KE = 1/2mv^2 The Attempt at a Solution P = 42.875 * 60 J / 5.3s P= 485 W and I don't know how to start 1e. Could you please help me.
  25. T

    Interesting solutions to classic physics problems

    From time to time I hear about people coming up with creative/"non-mainstream" solutions to classical physics problems, whether by looking from a very different angle or using some unusual math that's unknown to anyone but that one slightly quirky professor from faculty of mathematics. However I...
  26. gracy

    How to interpret the given informations in physics problems

    Homework Statement :A skier is being pulled along a horizontal surface at constant speed with a force of 50.0 N. What is the weight of the skier?coefficient of kinetic friction=0.05. My main problem is that what "at constant speed" implies here?i.e A skier is being pulled along a horizontal...
  27. Z

    Putting non-Calculus Physics problems in Calculus form

    I'm a sophomore Physics major currently taking Mechanics, and I recently noticed something when I was going over some homework. I am really good at Calculus, and I noticed I tend to do way better on the calculus based problems (i.e. work, finding force from potential energy etc) than some of the...
  28. J

    Fortran Problem with initial state in FORTRAN

    I have created an initial state code with perodic boundary conditions and normal distribution of velocities. I not know where is the problem, when I compile the computer detect the 112 error. Could anyone help me please? Thanks! the code is...
  29. Jewish_Vulcan

    General calculus required for AP/college physics problems?

    I am supposed to take calculus next school year but I want to do some physics work over the summer. Can anyone provide me the the most common calculus problems in physics? I was thinking that derrivatives, integrals, limits, and infinate series would be the main ones but I am likely wrong.
  30. blue_leaf77

    Girlfriend asks going out while I'm busy with my mind

    Well well, I just realized that this page has a wonderful forum for sharing out member's ideas as well as doubts about love. Anyway I really appreciate whoever there proposed to make this forum. Just a doubt that I haven't actually experienced yet but I am sure it will cause me some trouble...
  31. Kostas Tzim

    "200 puzzling physics problems" book

    Im searching for free a book called "200 puzzling physics problems" do anyone know how can i find the full version online? thanks!
  32. B

    2 very difficult light ray diagram questions -- help please

    Homework Statement Hi please help me with these 2 ray diagrams... the questions is as stated in the attachment..i have no idea where to start drawing and whatever i have drawn is wrong for both qns.. thanks a lot experts! Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  33. T

    I cannot solve physics problems without solution help

    Hi, I have some basic problem with solving physics problems. I cannot solve the quantum or statistical problems without help or by myself. sometimes the problem is that I don't even get what to start with. I am in my undergrad last year now. do you have any suggestion how to improve my problem...
  34. A

    Any good book that contains difficult classical physics problems?

    Can anyone introduce me some physics that contains difficult classical physics problems?
  35. A

    Simplification assumptions in physics problems

    Hello, Recently, I had been looking at Physics problems, and Physics word problems to be more specific. My question is, are simplifying assumptions required in physics-math-related problems? Like, you must neglect air resistance because it is a simplifying assumption right? Is this true...
  36. A

    Looking for a book with a lot of physics problems

    Hi, I will go back to school next year to start studying physics. For the moment, I am learning/reviewing maths with Khan Academy and the book of Mary Boas. Once I am good with the maths, I will start to review/learn physics (Khan Academy, Fundamental of Physics by Halliday and Resnick...
  37. D

    Impact of heat on most classical physics problems

    Hello, i am not an expert in physics (i am a computer scientist) but i have a lot of interest in physics, still there are some questions that i can't seem to answer given my limited amount of knowledge in physics (i had only 1 classical mechanics subject in university, although i try to learn a...
  38. A

    Does anyone know where i can find good physics problems

    Hi, I am going into physics 12 and my teachers homework is nothing like the test. the homework is easy and the test are hard. Does anyone of you guys know websites where i can find challenging problems for physics 12. (Kinematics, Dynamics, Work and energy..?)
  39. J

    Solving Physics Problems: Coin Down an Incline

    Homework Statement (c) This coin is placed flat on the same ramp (incline of 50.0o to the horizontal) and released from rest. How fast is the coin moving after the same distance down the ramp (30.0 cm) if the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.75? Homework Equations The Attempt at...
  40. T

    Books with examples and resolutions of Statistical Physics problems?

    Hi, I'm completely lost in this discipline. Does anyone know of a good book with solved exercises and some examples, particularly on the 3 types of ensembles (microcanonical, canonical and large canonical), quantum mechanics statistical physics, and fermions/bosons gases? Thank you.
  41. F

    Extreme situations in physics problems

    "Extreme situations" in physics problems I don't know if this question is pertinent for this discussion forum. I was making some study notes, and i was trying to recollect statements that are always "extreme" in physics problems (such as mechanics). Until now, i have found two of them: Lose...
  42. L

    Equipotential Surfaces physics problems

    Homework Statement Homework Equations - Charge conservation - Equipotential surfacesThe Attempt at a Solution Let Q1 be the amount of charge on the inner sphere with radius c, and Q2 be the amount of charge on the outer sphere with radius b. Using Gauss's law, I figured out that Q1=+2Q and...
  43. L

    Physics problems related to green function ?

    hello all ! my teacher told me to do a research on examples of problems that has connection with green function on solving differential equations (with programmed numerical solutions) in my final year project , can you give me such problems to work on as an undergraduate ? , thank you !
  44. X

    Physics problems driving me crazy- each book has different formulas

    Homework Statement The electric potential difference between two parallel metal plates is delta V. The plates are separated by a distance of 3 .0 mm and the electric field between the plats is E = 250 V / m. Calculate delta V Homework Equations E = - delta V / delta D The Attempt...
  45. L

    How Can I Get Help with Physics Problems Online?

    i have some physics problems, please help me, thanks! Question 1: Question 2: Question 3:
  46. B

    What Are the Classic Problems of Physics?

    The "Classic" Physics Problems. In my physics education/career I have often heard people refer to the "classic" such and such a problem or to the "typical" or "archetypal" physics problems. These are the problems/models that many/most university physics problems seem to reduce down to, no...
  47. P

    Physics Solving groundbreaking physics problems as a career?

    Seems like it might be easier to just cut out the middlemen who hold the dollars and do a bunch of math somewhere until there are a few less "unsolved problems in mathematics" on wikipedia. What's stopping scientists from doing this? Much more efficient in terms of physicist-life-hours.
  48. J

    Cambridge Physics Problems: Electrostatics

    Before I go about trying to futilly solve the question, is this thing beyond a CIE A-Lv physics student's reach or not? Any comments on the difficulty of the question, and perhaps the reading material which you would recommend before I attempt the question? Thank you.
  49. Z

    Confusion of circle and sphere for physics problems

    Homework Statement The problem is attached Homework Equations P=F/A The Attempt at a Solution I did the question like this (got wrong answer though): Surface area of sphere=4∏r2=4×∏×0.252 Atmospheric pressure=1.01×105 Force=1.01×105×4×∏×0.252≈80000N Actual answer 20000N...