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Piezo materials -- piezo cable under saddle pickup for accoustic guitars

  1. Jun 26, 2015 #1

    My question relates to piezo cable under saddle pickup for accoustic guitars. They change the guitar's sound into electrical energy. They work almost like a microphone.
    But these cables are bendable, would that mean bending them can cause an electrical impulse along Becasue they are up of piezo electric materials?

    But if this is true, when a guitar player is playing, they hit the guitar, so the cable vibrates too; so wouldn't the impulses from sound and the vibration be picked up by the piezo cable, so the sound heard from the loud speaker is no longer clear?
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    The cable is just regular wire (coaxial, at a guess).
    The piezo element is sandwiched under the saddle and compressed by string tension so is not able to bend much at all.

    But yes, the piezo element picks up physical motion of the sound board & saddle, whether it is from the strings vibration or from a direct beer bottle impact from a disgruntled spectator.
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    Best answer I ever recieved on PF. Short and clear.

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