What is Piezo: Definition and 48 Discussions

Piezo ignition is a type of ignition that is used in portable camping stoves, gas grills and some lighters, and potato cannons. Piezo ignition uses the principle of piezoelectricity, which, in short, is the electric charge that accumulates in some materials in response to high pressure. It consists of a small, spring-loaded hammer which, when a button is pressed, hits a crystal of PZT or quartz crystal. Quartz is piezoelectric, which means that it creates a voltage when deformed. This sudden forceful deformation produces a high voltage and subsequent electrical discharge, which ignites the gas.
No external electric connection is required, though wires are sometimes used to locate the sparking location away from the crystal itself. Piezo ignition systems can be operated by either a lever, push-button or built into the control knob. An electric spark is usually generated once per turn of the knob or press of the button.

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  1. Sibilo

    Bone conduction -- can the sound be heard in the inner ear?

    good morning gentlemen, while wandering around the internet I came across bone conduction. most devices use a piezoelectric near the ear. Long story short, is it possible to place the piezo on your shoulder or hand instead to hear the sound? the distance is better, can the sound be heard in the...
  2. Ahmedbadr132

    Power Efficiency of Linear Piezo Electric Motors

    Hi I want to know the power efficiency of linear piezo electric motors in percentile.
  3. matthieu1973

    Efficient hit detection on a shot plate with piezo disc

    Hello to all, I wish to detect the hit of a airsoft pellet on a shot plate with an ESP32 board. to do this I have basically two options: Either, detect the signal as digital (hit / missed) or detect the signal as analog signal with a piezo disks. The analog signal will have more information...
  4. hugo_faurand

    Get electrical signal of a piezoelectric with ultrasound

    Hello everyone ! I'm working on ultrasound probes, and I wanted to measure the electrical signal generated by a piezoelectric device (a transducer). Here is a sketch of the experiment : The goal of the experiment is to compare the electrical signal of the piezoelectric cell and compare it...
  5. Rx7man

    Interfacing a piezo to an arduino

    I'm looking to build a device that takes a pulse from a piezo crystal and interface it to a microcontroller.. I know the piezo is a very high voltage device, so I need to find some way to make it compatible.. I looked it up on the Arduino site and it seems like a terribly primitive method to use...
  6. T

    Discover the Piezoelectric Equations for Ceramic Multi-Layer Components

    What are the governing equations to determine the output energy of a ceramic rectangular multi-layer piezoelectric component after one actuation? I am familiar with most of the properties and looking to characterize a piezo component from the direct piezo effect.
  7. Pilotman Ray

    Aircraft Start Sequence Trainer/Mockup

    I am stuck in the middle of building a circuit for an aircraft starting mockup that will train our students to correctly start the aircraft without accidentally re-engaging the starter and thus causing very costly maintenance actions. The system is 12v. We would like to have a 10 second delay...
  8. P

    Damping coefficient in RLC model (piezoelectric transducer)

    Hello! I am a university student working on a project regarding a piezoelectric patch transducer, and RLC modelling of said transducer. Edit: After reading the rule post i think i should clarify this is not coursework homework, this is a thesis project. The short version of my question is how...
  9. Sveral

    Can a Piezoelectric Transducer Double as a Microphone?

    Hello, I wanted to know, if a piezoelectric transducer can be used similarly to a microphone to output sound, when connected to the user? Here`s an example...
  10. W

    Unwanted noise in oscilloscope diaplay

    Hi I'm a beginner on using an oscilloscope and I'm sorry if my question may be repeated in other posts. I was working on a circuit with the following materials: (1) an Al plate (5mm thick) (2) a disk-shaped piezo transducer with special electrodes (product...
  11. R

    Vibrational frequency of Piezoelectric effect

    when a piezoelectric material experience a stress it generates voltage, and also when you applied voltage the piezo-material experience a vibrational frequency. Using oscilloscope we can determine the induced frequency of the piezo-material with respect to the applied voltage. Now given the...
  12. S

    Can a Piezo Crystal be Used as a Segmented Actuator for Voltage Measurements?

    I think I understand the basics of piezo crystals. You apply pressure and the crystal produces a voltage. Conversely, you apply a voltage across the crystal and it deforms. My question is this: if you were to apply pressure to only a small region of the crystal (if that's possible?), would...
  13. erashish14

    Outout difference between different size piezo disc

    Hi Experts, I'm preparing piezo electric generator project, but when I'm searching for piezo disc for my project, i came across different sizes of piezo electric disc, but i didn't found any datasheet, My question is what's the output voltage/power difference between different diameter...
  14. A

    I Way of producing 600kHz longitudinal waves - Piezo or siren

    Hello! My name is Nick and I have an MSc in Computer Science, I'm also Physics enthusiast and amateur/independent researcher. I would like to ask for your help on something. I'm currently trying to find a way to study ultrasonic waves' effects on water and I'd like to find a means of...
  15. nar5i

    Need some help with piezoelectric plates

    I am doing my wrong project from school. Its basically a science fair but only for the students in the class. I came up with the idea to use piezoelectric plates to charge a capacitor that then charges one of those portable po charge a phone. I know I'm not the first one do this, but I do want...
  16. B

    How to wire up Piezo touch sensitive switch?

    Hi Everyone, I could do some advice on wiring up a Piezo touch sensitive switch. I'm in the middle of building a desk PC project and thought it would be a nice touch to have a touch sensitive power switch, so I've bought a nice shiny touch sensitive illuminated Piezo switch and can't figure out...
  17. T

    Need help finding a suitable piezo actuator

    Hi there, I'm an undergrad and I'm designing a system at the moment. It utilizes a LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator), but I'm in need of much higher accelerations than what it offers. The current device is small (about 10 mm), circular, and produces about 1.7G of acceleration on a 100g object. A...
  18. ryanuser

    Efficiency of piezoelectric materials

    I was told that "piezoelectric materials can become more efficient if they were made to reduce their elasticity (the ones such as PVDF films that are flexiable).This is because the external energy is used to force the film back to its original shape just like when a spring is squashed; so most...
  19. W

    Where Can I Find an Affordable PZT Plate for Piezoelectric Applications?

    hi me again sorry for bad english but I am loooking for a pzt plate as shown in https://institutes.lanl.gov/ei/pdf_files/JIMSS2005.pdf i seen sights like americanpiezo but i can't find the same 50 hz resonance one can someone help me find one? is their a better one than the one in the article...
  20. Alfredo722

    Piezo and solar charge controller

    Can I coax a solar charge controller to accept output from 16 piezo transducers, (20mm buzzer type disk piezo elements). The charge controller has an LCD display with readouts for voltage and amps.
  21. ryanuser

    Piezo crystals and current generation

    hey can a piezo crystal generate current when it is hit as well as when it is exposed to sound?
  22. ryanuser

    Piezo materials -- piezo cable under saddle pickup for accoustic guitars

    Hey My question relates to piezo cable under saddle pickup for accoustic guitars. They change the guitar's sound into electrical energy. They work almost like a microphone. But these cables are bendable, would that mean bending them can cause an electrical impulse along Becasue they are up of...
  23. Hamza Abbasi

    Maximizing Current Output in Piezo Electric Footpaths

    Piezo Electric Foot Paths (I am having a problem )? I am building a Piezo electric footpath which will generate electricity , converting mechanical energy into electrical energy . Before building the actual model I have build a test model. The model is generating fairly high amount of voltages...
  24. B

    Resonant Frequency shift of bimorph piezo structure

    Hi, folk~ I fabricated bimorph piezoelectric shear stress sensors. When air flow applied, there were resonant frequency shifts to left side (decreasing) and impedance decrement in resonant frequency as well . So even though I am suspecting that kinds of results as because of damping effect...
  25. M

    How to Test Amplitude-Phase Response of Sensors and Circuits using Arduino DUE?

    Arduino DUE based project for testing amplitude-phase response of the sensor or circuitry. Resonance frequency detection based on zero phase crossing, range up to 250 kHz. Check it out : https://coolarduino.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/lcq-meter-amplitude-phase-characterizer-piezo-tester/...
  26. A

    Flow switch integration with piezo alarm

    Dear all, I am mechanical engineer with no background to circuitry and electronics. I am trying to connect a flow switch ( using hall effect ,12 dc input) and I want it to trigger a piezo alarm (12V dc) when water flow stops. There are three wires from the flow switch, two for power and...
  27. M

    Lightning compared to piezo electric element

    I'm building (or rather, debugging) a lightning detector that detects the electromagnetic charge emitted by a lightning bolt. I need a good way to generate a little lightning as a test signal and I'm currently using a the piezo electric part of an electric lighter which generates a small...
  28. T

    Can we spin something to get electric without magnet or piezo?

    Permanent magnet can degenerate by many ways. But it really needed in compact generator to convert mechanical force into electric But are there any other way to generate electric from mechanical force without magnet? I want to design self exited magnet for dynamo. It need tobe an effect that...
  29. D

    Piezo material modeling in Abaqus

    Homework Statement I am trying to enter the strain and stress properties of a piezoelectric material, I only have d31 and e33 constant with no dielectric constant. I don't know how or where to enter these values in Abaqus since it ask for a Matrix. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  30. N

    Where Can I Find Piezo Discs for My Project on Piezoelectricity in Canada?

    I am doing a project on piezoelectricty and i need to know where to get piezo disks that will have this effect i live in Canada and fast shipping is preffered
  31. N

    Can I wire a piezo disk with detectors?

    how do i wire this disk with the detectors
  32. L

    Piezo Crystal Load vs. Current Values Explained

    I am working on a project. could you please help me in piezo crystal. I just want to know the load vs current values. on what load the respective value of piezo crystal??
  33. A

    Is constitutive equation for piezo wrong?

    the linear constitutive equation describes piezo behavior. See wiki. But I can find an example in which linear relationship may not satisfy. Given a piezo disk wih polarization in thickness direction and upper and bottom surface as electrodes. I just short circuit the up and bottom surface and...
  34. A

    Help for understand of spontaneous polarization in piezo

    dear all, I want to confirm whether there is spontaneous polarization in the piezo materials. I know the piezo materials need to be poled under high temperature and electric field before applications. So if there is spontaneous polarization, comes my following confusing. Given a piezo disk with...
  35. R

    Piezo electricity generation using piezoelectric disk(buzzer).

    I am going to use piezoelectric disks to generate energy from pedestrial movement on footpath please help me which circuit i have to prefer for my project?
  36. F

    Questions about a Piezo igniter

    Questions about a Piezo igniter... About how many times can one strike a piezo igniter before it wears out, or before it's electrical output is severely reduced?
  37. E

    Piezo Actuator Power Consumption

    Hi all, Mechanical engineer needing some electrical help. So electrically piezo actuators are modeled as capacitors. Power(P) = C*U*dU/dt, where U equals voltage. I'm seeing several sites like here: http://www.piezo.ws/piezoelectric_actuator_tutorial/Piezo_Design_part3.php They...
  38. B

    Investigating Piezo Element Experiment: Seeking Advice

    Homework Statement Hello, I did the following measurement: A piezo element (mass approx. 50 gram) is fixed onto a vibration shaker The force exert on the piezo, 0,124 N (rms) is measured with an impedance head The vibration frequency (sinusoidal signal) is 142,4 Hz The acceleration is...
  39. B

    Vibration exciter input power vs output from a piezo

    Homework Statement Hello, I did the following measurement: A piezo element (mass approx. 50 gram) is fixed onto a vibration shaker The force exert on the piezo, 0,124 N (rms) is measured with an impedance head The vibration frequency (sinusoidal signal) is 142,4 Hz The acceleration is...
  40. J

    A simple model for piezo electric effect

    I'm told I have a cylinder with a simple piston and a trapped ideal gas. The area of the piston is A, and the position of the piston with respect to the bottom of the cylinder is denoted by l. The cylinder itself is electrically isolating, while the bottom and the piston surface are connected to...
  41. W

    Troubleshooting a Piezo Lighter: An Unreliable Task

    So I have the piezo lighter hooked up to a rheostat with one mega ohm resistance, then a 30 kilo ohm resistor and then another resistor of 1 mega ohm. I have an oscilloscope- it's really old though. It's max voltage if you set the axis on the bottom of the screen is about 80 Volts. It's hard to...
  42. K

    Piezoelectric Nanofibers Research | Senior in High School

    I am a Senior in high school and am currently working on a research team. We are currently doing research on nanofibers, specifically the creation of nanofibers with piezoelectric properties. One of our current obstacles is that we are unable to find the equations used to calculate piezoelectric...
  43. F

    LOW resonance PIEZO Electric drivers ?(do i have to make one?)

    I have been up to make an impedance tube to measure acoustic Z and calculate absorption coefficient of materials . and having a sound generator(speaker driver) in it usually gives you near 60 hz response so your data will be charted starting 60hz and above. My goal is to measure from 20hz...
  44. M

    Can I Replace Cheap Ear Bud Speakers With Piezo?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if I can replace the audio speaker from a pair of "cheap" ear bud speakers from a mp3 player with a piezo so that when the music is playing there is produced a vibration instead of an audio signal? Is this possible? would the small battery used in a small ipod...
  45. K

    Measuring voltage across piezo speaker, getting resonating noise.

    Hi. I'm trying to measure the milliseconds of duration of output from a little piezo speaker that is on a circuit (a freezer control unit). I tried connecting an oscilloscope across its leads, but when I apply power, I hear this resonating noise which does not sound healthy. This is only when...
  46. L

    Where can I find a piezo stack for a reasonable price?

    Hi I'm planning an experiment in which I will try to generate power from a force applied to some piezo electric material (in fact it will be an impact with the ground). I think I need to find a piezo stack, but where can I buy such a thing for a reasonable price? Does anyone have any...
  47. A

    Drive a piezo crystal to produce ultrasound?

    Hi, Could I use the following item: http://docs-europe.electrocomponents.com/webdocs/03c4/0900766b803c41c7.pdf" to drive a piezo crystal to produce ultrasound? I know it wouldn't be perfect but it might be good enough for a small underwater depth sensor. Any ideas if it's possible?
  48. A

    Piezo electric transducer used as a receiver

    Hi, Is it possible? I've found quite a few piezo electric transducers on rs.com but I wonder are they only good for transmitting or could they be used as a receiver with a really good pre-amp? Can anyone tell me? If so will they lose some of their response at low frequencies when used in...