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Homework Help: Please Plese Help Me -physics Problem -

  1. Feb 22, 2007 #1
    Please Plese Help Me --physics Problem --

    A mass, m, traveling at a speed v, strikes another mass = 2m at rest. After the collision, the first mass, m, is delfected through 45 degrees and has a final speed of v/2.
    Find the speed and Direction of the mass 2m after this collision.

    thank you
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    I think this should be in the Homework & Coursework Questions section.Well i think,the problem can be solved using the prinicple of conservation of momentum
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    It is over there too.
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    Yes. Moreover our policy requires you to give an attempt at solution before we help... (read the guidelines).
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    He did, there is already a thread over here with the attempt.
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