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Plot of Ginzburg-Landau parameters

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    A while back, I saw a plot that compared the Ginzburg-Landau parameters of different superconductors. The x axis was the GL parameter and the y axis was magnetization or field or something of that nature. I would like to find this figure again to use in a presentation. Can anybody point me to this figure or a similar one. I would really appreciate it.
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    No. This plot had many points on it, each one representing the GL parameter for a different superconductor (Nb, NbN, Nb3Sn). The x axis represents the GL parameter (kappa). The plot you gave has magnetic field on the x axis.

    There was also a line that showed the transition between type I and type II superconductors (i.e. kappa = 1/sqrt(2)) on the x axis.
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