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Homework Help: Plot the plane x+z=0 in mathematica

  1. Oct 17, 2013 #1
    How do I plot the plane x+z=0 in mathematica on the xyz plane
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    If you have Mathematica 9, just try
    Code (Text):
    = plot x+z=0 plane
    (don't forget to start with an equal sign).
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    This is not correct tag plus in plot x+z is protected
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    What version of Mathematica do you have? Student version or Full version?
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    I'd suggest to use ParametricPlot3D (see attachement). The Student and full version of Mathematica are usually the same in function. I've the home edition of Mathematica 9 on my private laptop and it's absolutely identical with the full version on our institute's computers.

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  7. Oct 19, 2013 #6
    Again how to plot x+z=0 in mathematica
  8. Oct 19, 2013 #7
    In Mathematica, any version, Plot3D wants an expression or function giving z values as a function of x and y coordinates so... turn x+z==0 into x==-z into -(x+0*y)==z (or just plot -x) and now you have a function giving z values to plot.

    In[1]:= Plot3D[-(x + 0*y) (*==z*), {x, -3, 3}, {y, -4, 4}]
    Out[1]= ...PlotSnipped...

    Carefully check some points on the surface to verify this is correct.
    And, if you don't already know... this ---> (*==z*) <--- is a comment in Mathematica code.
  9. Oct 22, 2013 #8
    Thank you
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