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Plotting Implicit function of 1 variable

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    Hi PF!

    I am trying to plot a difficult implicit function, but for ease let's pretend that function is ##y^5\sqrt{1-x}+yx+1 = 0##. I want to plot ##Re(y)## as a function of ##x:x\in[0,2]##. I am using MATLAB. Do you think the best way to plot this is to assign ##x## a value in the domain, use Newton's method to find the zeros, record the found zeros, and reiterate?

    Or do you recommend some software package? I made a post similar to this in Mathematica but no solution is available, so I've switched to MATLAB.
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    I'd be surprised if Mathematica can't do it, since Wolfram Alpha is a cut-down version of Mathematica, and that can do it:

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