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Polar and Jordan Decomp. in Intro to Linear Algebra?

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    My Intro to LA course has visited the ideas of polar decomposition and Jordan forms, but not gone into them in depth. I wouldn't say I understood them, but I'm aware of them, and could possibly solve some basic exercises involving them if all I had to do was apply formulas.

    My question is: should an undergraduate level Intro to LA course (in the context of supporting an overall Electrical Engineering degree) go deeper into Polar and Jordan Decomposition? Should I look for some outside resources to fill out my understanding in these areas, or leave it til it becomes clearer whether I'll need it?
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    If you want more notes my free ones explain the jordan form in three different courses, math 845, 8000, and 4050. (I never needed nor learned the polar form, but when i do i will maybe write it up too.)

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