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Polymers with piezoelectric effect

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    I am looking for a polymer that can be manipulated and that expands after applying pressure between the fingers, as a result of piezoelectric effect.
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    the commercial one used is vinyl fluoride, iirc.
    It's 'activated' at manufacture by cooling in a high electric field.

    physical movement from the piezoelectric effect is extremely tiny.
    you wouldn't be able to feel the expansion but you could feel vibration if you applied modulated power.

    you can buy the piezopolymer in strips, already made with good uniformity.
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    A typical piezoelectric film is polyvinylidene fluoride, PVDF.

    The piezoelectric effect means a charge is generated when a stress is applied, or a mechanical effect can be achieved by passing a charge across the sample.

    Goodfellow sell a variety of PVDF sheet which you can play around with.
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