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Portugal vs Angola

  1. Jun 11, 2006 #1
    1-0 early in the game, who scored?
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    Pauleta, in the third minute.
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    I use http://www.google.com/ig as my homepage and they added a content box that lists the day's games including who scored what goal and when as well as upcoming matches and standings.

    You should check it out.
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    I was out all day so missed todays action :( must say Greg this is a great idea.. I can catch up before the highlights tonight :)
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    1:0 for Portugal
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    Such a beuy....ta...fuul shoot no one ever forgets.
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    Whew, that was a long game. Portugal sure missed Deco, but Figo started the game really well, that first goal was all his. Didn't like the way Angola played at all, lots of fouls and they didn't seem too worried about scoring, even when down by one.
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    You know both the goalkeepers' second name was Ricardo. :biggrin:
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    I was kind of puzzled when Angola pulled their only threatening player. His first bicycle attempt missed the ball completely, his second was too high, but surely his third ...... And he had such nice hair, too.

    Portugal should have buried these guys and built up a goal differential. Of course, with this group, only a major screw-up will keep Mexico and Portugal from advancing.
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