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Position of a ship in a new dimension

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    i need some help here, say if there's a ship, no matter how it steers, it will always end up at the starting point, becauses it is in a new dimension, but how do i go about explaining it? thanks!
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    how do i use space-time diagram to explain that the displacement is zero?
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    What do you MEAN by "in a new dimension"?
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    as in fourth dimension?
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    Then how does a spaceship "move into the fourth dimension"?
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi lovegood! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    If your fourth dimension is time, then the ship can't return to its starting-point … because, on the space-time diagram, the ship must always be going up. :smile:

    Or am I misunderstanding you? :confused:
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    unless its near a naked singularity and in a closed time loop :tongue2:
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    I am not sure if this answers what you are asking but perhaps your dimension is a point, no matter how you move you are still at the beginning. Or perhaps you are referring to a closed dimension, like the surface of a ball. No matter how you move would can (not will) end up back at the beginning.
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