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Possible career choices for my interests?

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    I'm new to these forums, just happened to come across them today. I'm currently in my first semester of college at Cal State University, Fullerton as a physics major (semester's almost over, a few weeks left). I'm really interested in two different areas of physics: the mathematical aspects of it, and outer space. First off, about the mathematics, I'm not GREAT at math, but I'm pretty good. I got As and Bs in high school, and I currently have an A in my Calculus II class.
    About the outer space interest, to be more specific, I'd like to study more about how "stuff" in the universe works. Galaxies, planets, orbits, all of those things are fascinating to me. So, to finally get to my actual question, are there any careers I should look in to that pertain to either mathematical physics (is this theoretical physics?) or outer space. I know saying "outer space" is a very broad topic, but perhaps someone could mention some more specific fields under that category. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any help you can give me!
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    Every area of physics is quantitative and involves quantitative work. There will be plenty of math in any area you choose. I don't think you need to be explicitly in "theoretical" physics to be exposed to that.

    The science of outer super is astronomy (or astrophysics, depending on your semantics).
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