What is Choices: Definition and 114 Discussions

A choice is the range of different things from which you can choose. The arrival at a choice may incorporate motivators and models. For example, a traveler might choose a route for a journey based on the preference of arriving at a given destination at a specified time. The preferred (and therefore chosen) route can then account for information such as the length of each of the possible routes, the amount of fuel in the vehicle, traffic conditions, etc.
Simple choices might include what to eat for dinner or what to wear on a Saturday morning – choices that have relatively low-impact on the chooser's life overall. More complex choices might involve (for example) what candidate to vote for in an election, what profession to pursue, a life partner, etc. – choices based on multiple influences and having larger ramifications.
Freedom of choice is generally cherished, whereas a severely limited or artificially restricted choice can lead to discomfort with choosing, and possibly an unsatisfactory outcome. In contrast, a choice with excessively numerous options may lead to confusion, reduced satisfaction, regret of the alternatives not taken, and indifference in an unstructured existence;
and the illusion that choosing an object or a course, necessarily leads to the control of that object or course, can cause psychological problems.

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  1. W

    A How Can We Analyze an Exam with Varying Multiple Choice Options?

    If we had a multiple choice exam with , say, 20 questions, with 4 choices for each question, we can analyze it as a Binomial(20, .25). What if instead , some of the questions offered 2,3, 4, etc., choices? Is there a " nice" way of analyzing the exam as a whole?
  2. carterhanan

    Which Comp Sci Degree Should I Choose for Better Earnings?

    TL;DR Summary: I need help choosing which degree to pursue. Read detailed part and cast a vote. If you feel like telling me some other things to consider please do! Hello I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. I did a whole year of Business before switching to Comp Sci. I am...
  3. Strato Incendus

    Writing: Input Wanted Captain's choices on colony ships

    In order to discuss several questions regarding my generation-ship story in parallel, without making a single thread go all over the place, this is one thread (of most likely several ones) that I'm opening in parallel. This one is less about technical questions per se, but rather about tactical...
  4. H

    MHB Exploring Your Chocolate Choices: 10 Combinations in 3 Selections

    There are 10 different chocolates and you want to buy three of them. However, you cannot pick a pair of chocolate more than once. How many different choice you can make??
  5. F

    Courses Mathematics Bachelor's Degree: Choices ahead

    I am studying mathematics as bachelor in my second year. At the moment I am taking abstract algebra, analysis (measure and integration theory) and probability course. I don't know exactly what I want to do with maths but the applications in physics always have fascinated me. The next term I have...
  6. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Multiple choices question on specific heats of gases

    Two cylinders A and B fitted with pistons contain equal amounts of an ideal diatomic gas at 300 K. The piston of A is free to move, while that of B is held fixed. The same amount of heat is given to the gas in each cylinder. If the rise in temperature of the gas in A is 30 K, then the rise in...
  7. ThiccV2

    Courses Course choices for a student interested in structural biology

    Hey! I'm majoring in biochemistry (interested in MD/PhD), with interests in structural biology, protein dynamics, molecular dynamics, etc. and so I am taking some extra physics and math courses to help supplement my interests and better prepare me for graduate work. Do you guys think two...
  8. Eclair_de_XII

    Python Radiobutton choices auto-filled before selection

    Whenever I use a BooleanVar, the side_dish attribute keeps evaluating to False even if I set it to None. So I tried setting it to a StringVar. This time, both the Radiobutton seem to be auto-filled, even though nothing is even selected. If anyone could shed some light on why this happens, I...
  9. H

    Database Table Design for Canadian Electoral Data

    I have been asked by my team lead to create two tables for a database and to outline the rationale behind my table design choices.Table 1 should contain the following columns and be named vote_share: ● Riding Number ● Riding Name in English ● Riding Name in French ● Total votes ● Turnout (votes...
  10. AchillesWrathfulLove

    Do the choices we make in life affect how humans evolve?

    Does the individual matter in evolution? I remember watching a documentary about human evolution but I forgot most of it, it said that our ancestor decided to stand up and walk one day to see predators better (something like that) and that is the origin of how we came to walk upright. So one...
  11. D

    Programs From law to physics? Questions for physics students....

    Hi I am a yr 1 undergraduate law student (LLB) considering transferring to physics. Physics was my favorite subject in high school. My worries: not sure if I can master uni math. High school math is okay but I was not the smartest student in math. I am not reading physics in my free time. I...
  12. E

    Creating a solution for all the answer choices

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/LYaudl1 Here is the question! Basically, we have to come up with a (reasonable) solution to all of the answer choices. It IS multiple choice, so only 1 answer is right (it is D), but we still have to find a way someone might have slipped up and made a...
  13. L

    Are the answer choices wrong? (electric potential energy)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations U=kq1q2/r The Attempt at a Solution W = changeU = Uf-Uo Uf = k(7*(-5) + 7(-4) + (-5)*(-4))/0.1 = -4.3*10^-4 Ui= k((7*(-4))/0.1= -2.8*10^-4 Uf-Ui = -1.5*10^-4k J
  14. Physiona

    A LEVEL (Advanced Level) CHOICES

    Hello. I'm assuming by the title of this thread that it isn't relevant to confess this certain topic here but I would like to get some advice. I'm moving to sixth form and I have currently as my a level options Biology Economics and Statistics. I'm considering in changing these to Chemistry...
  15. Jarvis323

    A Choices of Axiomatic and Number Systems / Sets and Alternatives

    I know that the number systems we use are typically constructed from axiomatic set theory, and overall our choices along the way seam to have been largely informed by practical consideration (e.g. to resolve ambiguities, or do away with limitations). Today I randomly started to think deeper...
  16. DrChinese

    I Big Bell Test Collaboration: Challenging Local Realism with Human Choices

    Not sure if this reference has been posted yet, but I just saw it come through and thought I'd share. This is the "Big Bell Test Collaboration" using measurement choices provided by persons (as opposed to computer generated "random" choices). (The authors are a virtual who's who in the world...
  17. G

    Schools Down to my last 2 college choices - advice?

    I'm down to choosing between Caltech and Reed College. I am going to study mathematics and physics. My goal is to go to grad school and then into research/academia. I am not interested in engineering or getting a job after my undergraduate education. I had UC Berkeley in the mix, but I decided...
  18. P

    Schools Which school from these choices for undergrad physics?

    Hello! I've been lurking here and have read lots of interesting opinions and information on various physics programs as we worked through the college application process with my son. (He lurks in other areas of this site.) We've received the last results we were waiting for on his undergrad...
  19. S

    Latest Theoretical predictions to help guide my career choices

    Hello! I would like to follow a career in theoretical physics (mainly high energy). Can someone point me towards the most important theoretical predictions made in the last 50 years (basically after the QCD period, W, Z and Higgs predictions) that have been experimentally tested. By this I mean...
  20. C

    Guidance on Sensor Choices for High Speed Impact Sensing

    I am a fourth year biomedical and mechanical engineering student and my final project has to do with designing a crash test dummy. The end goal is to mount the dummy on a bicycle and launch it at ~20kh/h, then it will be struck by an automobile driving at ~30km/h. Various different impact...
  21. MiloBoots

    Studying Advice On Self Study Choices for Physics

    Hi everyone, I am currently a physics and applied maths major in Australia. I am studying part time as I am also an athlete and spend a lot of my time traveling and training. Because I am studying part time, I have been self studying alongside my subjects and on the semester breaks and while I...
  22. F

    Torque Problem not yielding answer choices

    The Attempt at a Solution I took the pivot point to be the hinge point and calculated the torque to the force of gravity as well as tension. So T=Ia=0=L*T*sin(180-θ)+(L/2)*F g *sin(θ) which yields T+(1/2)F g=0 so shouldn't T=mg/2? However, this is not an answer choice.[/B]
  23. nothing909

    Justifying choices of components

    Homework Statement I'm currently doing a project involving the build of a switching circuit for an SRM. I have to choose a variety of components for each stage of the build. For example, I chose an open collector for the interface device, an optocoupler for the isolation device and an IGBT for...
  24. kookamlok

    Misunderstanding about the choices of current values in KCL

    【Moved from general forum. Homework template is missing.】 By KCL, -ID2 + (-I2) = 0 0 = ID2 + I2 Q1: Do you think this equation is correct? (i assume it is correct because it came from my professor's notes) Q2: Which node do you think this equation is used for making this equation with...
  25. A. Neumaier

    A Classical universe and experimental choices

    Is a classical universe (with a deterministic dynamics) compatible with assuming that experimental choices can be made arbitrarily? This question arises from the following statement of Bell: that I had cited (with a reference) in https://www.physicsforums.com/posts/5694545/, and commented...
  26. T

    Design choices for running an Electric train (and network)?

    Hi, I'm going to pose my questions with a number of assumptions, so please pick me up on any that are wrong. I want to know the design choices behind electric trains historically and current, this will mostly require some context of induction motors and inverters. I don't know exactly how EMUs...
  27. caters

    What is the Best Choice for Evacuating a Civilization on Kepler Bb?

    In the 11th chapter of Life on Kepler Bb after the whole sequence of earthquakes crumbling all the tunnels and making the homes and buildings dusty a geologist named Leon finds out that the fault line is very deep and very hot. Leon tells all people with the power of flight to line up in...
  28. art sanchez

    I can get my B.S. in Physics in 2 years w/ this Schedule....

    I transferred into my school's physics program with all my core curriculum done, so I only have to take physics and math courses to finish my degree at this point. The physics program at my school is pretty small so pretty much all courses are only offered in either the fall or spring, and there...
  29. C

    Atomic Best book on Modern Physics? 5 choices, suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an introductury book (or several books) on modern physics that explains the history and experiments the led to the understanding of the atom, the electron, avogadros number, Plancks constant, rutherford, quantum mechanics etc. I want an idea of how all the...
  30. G

    My course choices for next year

    So, I go to a relatively small school and don't have all that many options, but I'd like to ask about the couple I do have. I am going into my forth year, but because of the rotational schedule of the math and physics departments I took all the available forth year courses in the previous year...
  31. 655piano

    Chemistry Chemistry or Physics? Advice for Senior in High School

    I'm a senior in high school and very interested in both chemistry and physics. I have a strong background in chemistry but I am starting to lean more towards a career in physics. Any advice for college classes or decision making?
  32. cobalt124

    GCSE Choices (UK) for career in Pathology

    My son is currently choosing his GCSEs and his current chosen career is Pathology. Maths and English aside as they are compulsory he has chosen Chemistry, Physics and Biology and has four other subjects to choose. Does anyone have any advice on what these four subjects should be for his chosen...
  33. _N3WTON_

    What laptop should I get for school work and running advanced programs?

    For the past five years I have been successfully using a MacBook Pro. However, unfortunately, I spilled beer on my laptop about a week ago so the MacBook is no more. I don't really stay up to date on the advancements of computer hardware, so I was hoping somebody could suggest to me a good...
  34. Danger

    Ridiculous Survey Questions: Exposing Mundane Attempts at Intelligence

    I've never been given a survey that didn't include at least half a dozen of those, but I'm specifically thinking of ones that Mundanes think make them seem intellectual while the choice of answers that they want you to choose from doesn't include the one that an intelligent person would give...
  35. Mogarrr

    Schools 1st semester grad school class choices

    Hi there, fellow physics forums members & guests. I'm starting the 1st semester of grad school, and I'm faced with a tough choice between two different classes. I could take Intermediate Analysis 1 or Applied Linear Algebra. The only course I've taken involving proofs is Discrete Math...
  36. E

    Career choices after a physics PhD?

    Dear all, I am currently a physics PhD student and will finish my PhD at a quite respectable university (top 25 in world rankings) soon. Therefore I have to think about my plans for after my PhD. And here comes the difficulty. I don’t really know what I should do (actually I really don't...
  37. Greg Bernhardt

    Must Read: How to make hard choices

  38. G

    Integrating (1+cos(x))/sin(x) with Multiple Choices

    Homework Statement ∫(1+cos(x))/sin(x) dx This is a multiple choice with the following options a. Ln|1-cos(x)| +C b. Ln|1+cos(x)| +C c. sin(x) +C d. csc(x)+tan(x) + C e. csc(x) +cot(x) +C Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution ∫(1+cos(x))/sinx dx )...
  39. I

    Schools College Choices for attaining Undergrad vs Grad degrees

    Hello PF, I am currently in high school, and I am watching my brother go through the experience of choosing colleges. This started to make me think about my future. I plan to receive degrees in physics hopefully up to a doctorate. To do this I understand that multiple degrees are needed, the...
  40. jk22

    Understanding Probability and Equality in Binary Choices

    Suppose we have 2n binary choices. Then the probability of having the same number of results is : C(2n,n)/2^(2n) ? I don't know if this is true, since for the case n=1million, we have a probability as high as 1/2000, which seems quite important ?
  41. V

    Non-standard choices for confidence intervals

    Suppose I have a normally distributed random variable with unknown mean μ and known standard deviation σ. Based on n samples of the RV, I'd like to compute an estimate of μ and a confidence interval at confidence level P%. The usual way of doing this would be to use the standard error in the...
  42. O

    Schools Choices About Grad School in Math

    I couldn't find anything in the search to quite fit my situation and you guys seem to know your stuff. Take a crack at this one. I'm a senior in a big commuter state school with an extremely decent, PhD granting math department. Decent, not stellar; the thing is that most of our faculty is...
  43. B

    Module choices as an undergrad

    Hello, I have what I hope is a straightforward question. Simply put, do I need to be careful about the modules I choose to study as a physics undergrad? Some background info to put the question in context; I am a foundation year physics student at my university, upon successful...
  44. born2discover

    Future Outlook For Career Choices

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post on this site and certainly will not be my last. First a little about me, I am 28, married, currently maintain a 4.0 in college. I am a non traditional student looking at varying career paths. While I have not declared a major as of yet, the options I am...
  45. Z

    Picking Engineering Program, choices

    So I'm very interested in mathematics and computer science, and I would like to work with complex algorithms and mathematical optimization of code I don't want to be a run-of-the-mill programmer. Not sure what the exact term is for what I described, anyone knows? Anyways what engineering degree...
  46. M

    Number of possible choices (stats)

    Homework Statement An investor wants to purchase one investment among common stocks, preferred stocks and bonds of six industries located in several countries. The investor can use a full-service broker or a discount broker and can buy with cash or margin. If there are 288 possible choices...
  47. G

    Straight line motion MCQ (Multiple choices)

    1. 1. A point moving along the x-direction starts from rest at x=0 and comes to rest at x=1 after 1 second. Its acceleration at any point is denoted by β. Which of the following is not correct ? a. β must change sign during the motion. b. |β|≥4 units at some or all points during the motion c...
  48. T

    Schools What courses should I take in high school to get into top colleges?

    I'm a freshman in high school and I have to choose my classes for 10th grade very soon but I'm in somewhat of a predicament. I need to have one Art credit to graduate from high school and I have been in band since 5th grade so naturally I continued to do band into 9th grade. However, now that I...
  49. L

    Medical What are the physiological processes that initiate human choices and thinking?

    I have a question that maybe basic and psychological in nature but I'm hoping someone with experience in Neuroscience research or any related fields could answer it. As far as I understand it, there is a common debate as to what influences human decisions and what does not which leads to the...
  50. D

    Courses Suggestions on independent study courses/book choices? Real analysis, fourier, ?

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys could offer any course guidance on independent studies I could try to take my senior year. I have some ideas, but I was wondering whether you guys could give me any recommendations/book recommendations. My background: I initially wanted to go into a more...