Possible Explanation for Baryon Asymmetry

  1. The reason why there is far more matter than anti-matter in our universe is because we are going forward in time. But if we reverse the direction of time anti-matter will become more prominent and I believe that at singularity there is a balance between both of them. The interaction between them at singularity might release Hawking radiation.
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    About the time, you just make a speculation. Of course there "should" be a violation of T symmetry as there is a violation of CP (such that CPT would be conserved). But in any case we don't know what causes the current CP asymmetry which would allow matter abundances to be so great in comparison to antimatter. Once (if what we have verified so far) there should be #matter=#antimatter... For some reason (still unknown) this stopped working and you got a "matter" dominated universe. And this didn't happen throughout the history of the universe, but it happened during the very first moments of it.
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