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Post doc position, to call or not to call?

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    So I applied for a postdoc position for a research lab in France. In my cover letter to the PI (who's English) I wrote at the end:
    "I will call you next week to make sure that you received my CV. Thank you for your time and consideration."

    I received an acknowledgement of my application from their HR office which said:

    "Thank you for your application for the position of Post-doctoral fellow...
    Our review of resumes will take some weeks to be completed. If you do not hear from us within two months, then you may consider that your application has not been successful for this position."

    Should I still call? I said I would, so it might seem inconsistent if I don't. However the email is fairly specific in its implication that follow-up contact is unnecessary (even though it would be to the PI directly and not HR)

    So to call or not to call? Cheers!
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    In my experience, calling almost always helps. If nothing else it's an opportunity to demonstrate to them that you're actually interested in the position and this isn't just one CV out of a thousand that you've shotgunned the post-doc market with.

    If you need an excuse, what you have is an email that the HR people got the CV. You want to make sure that the PI got the CV.
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    Fair points, and decent advice

    Thank you.
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