What is Post doc: Definition and 13 Discussions

A postdoctoral researcher or postdoc is a person professionally conducting research after the completion of their doctoral studies (typically a PhD). The ultimate goal of a postdoctoral research position is to pursue additional research, training, or teaching in order to have better skills to pursue a career in academia, research, or any other fields. Postdocs often, but not always, have a temporary academic appointment, sometimes in preparation for an academic faculty position. They continue their studies or carry out research and further increase expertise in a specialist subject, including integrating a team and acquiring novel skills and research methods. Postdoctoral research is often considered essential while advancing the scholarly mission of the host institution; it is expected to produce relevant publications in peer-reviewed academic journals or conferences. In some countries, postdoctoral research may lead to further formal qualifications or certification, while in other countries it does not.Postdoctoral research may be funded through an appointment with a salary or an appointment with a stipend or sponsorship award. Appointments for such a research position may be called postdoctoral research fellow, postdoctoral research associate or postdoctoral research assistant. Postdoctoral researchers typically work under the supervision of a principal investigator. In many English-speaking countries, postdoctoral researchers are colloquially referred to as "postdocs".

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  1. DannyLouis888

    Physics Apply for a post doc with different topics from my PhD projects?

    Hi everyone! How can I apply for a post-doc that is in a different field from my current PhD topic? I.e. I would like to make a transition. However, I need to learn how to say and justify that I am competent in the fields I have rarely touched. In addition, I have yet to publish at the moment...
  2. binbagsss

    Physics A post doc in an area that differs from my PhD?

    Does this happen? How much can it vary by? for example, I have a PhD offer in a pretty boring application of fluid dynamics, in the future woild I be able to take my research into a direction perhaps applying this to astrophysics or something? Also I very much enjoyed general relativity at...
  3. pangru

    Physics Career in cuprate high temperature superconductor physics

    Hello, I am interested in physics of cuprate high temperature superconductors (Cuprate_SC) However, I heard that it is "out-of-dated" topic in solid state physics and almost impossible to find group/foundation to do research in this field. I am doing PhD right now and I consider moving...
  4. T

    Physics In retrospect, are you glad with the choice to have done a postdoc?

    Hi all, I'm entering the last year of my PhD on the interface of quantum optics and condensed matter (theoretical) in Europe. At this point, I am happy to have started it and now love doing research (even when being stuck on a problem-because this usually means something interesting will appear...
  5. Q

    Physics Post Doc vs Quant with the Goal of Becoming a Assistant Prof

    I have been looking into what is like being a Post Doc in theoretical physics, and the impression that I get is that it is like graduate school, except you are paid a bit more money and some how you have much more work to do. I want to become a professor in theoretical physics but at the same...
  6. P

    2-years gap after PhD: will it affect getting a post doc?

    Hello, For some reason, I need to leave the U.S. and go back to my country for two years once I finish my PhD. I am doing experimental condensed matter. In my country (an unkown place) , there is absolutely no way to do research in this field. I can only work as a lecturer in a university...
  7. R

    Guidance for post doc in macromolecular science

    I have completed Ph.d. in macromolecular science, recently. I want to pursue post doc in the same subject. So, i want to know about the institutes in USA, Germany, Cannada etc., which offers these positions. Thanks
  8. G

    Anyone have a post doc they want to strangle?

    There's a post doc in my lab who almost never shows up for work, in the past two weeks I think I've seen him once in lab for a few hours. The only other time he shows up is when there is a lab meeting (food is served every time). When he comes in he talks condescendingly to me asking where...
  9. D

    Engineering Post doc in physics after bachelors in engineering

    hi all, i am dead certain i want to be physicist. But seems i will not get colleges in usa. Am a senior at high school and international. Physics education at my country for bachelors is very poor. So i am thinking of doing bachelors in engr here and applying for phd physics. How difficult is...
  10. A

    Post doc position, to call or not to call?

    Hi, So I applied for a postdoc position for a research lab in France. In my cover letter to the PI (who's English) I wrote at the end: "I will call you next week to make sure that you received my CV. Thank you for your time and consideration." I received an acknowledgment of my application...
  11. Amith2006

    Is a Post-Doc Still an Option After Completing a PhD at 31?

    Hi guys, I have just completed my Master of Science in Physics from an Indian University. Now I wish to do PhD in the US. Being 31 years old, will it be too late for a PDF by the time I complete my PhD? As it is troubling me a bit, I just thought of having your opinion.
  12. K

    Difference between a post doc and a doc?

    Hi Everyone, Could someone explain the difference between a post doc and a doc? Is doing a post doc neccesary? Is it something that's appealing?
  13. T

    Exploring the Availability of Post Doc Funding

    The following idea occurred to me: It seems very hard to get scholarships into Primary and Secondary schools because everyone goes for them. And also very hard to get scholarships for undergraduate because of the small number of them avaliable and small number of universities. However, it's...