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Postdoctoral Position At Penn State In Fundamental Gravitational Theory

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    Via [Ilqgs] email list:


    The Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos expects two openings
    for post-doctoral positions starting fall 2008 in the areas of
    general relativity and quantum gravity. Successful candidates will
    work closely with Abhay Ashtekar and Martin Bojowald. The initial
    appointment will be for one year and is expected to be renewed for
    another year subject to satisfactory progress and availability of

    The gravitational theory group consists of Stephon Alexander,
    Abhay Ashtekar, Martin Bojowald, Murat Gunaydin and Radu Roiban.
    In addition Professors Roger Penrose and Jerzy Lewandowski hold
    visiting professorships at the Institute. Successful candidates
    will be encouraged to interact also with mathematicians in the
    Center for Fundamental Theory and with members of the Center for
    Gravitational Wave Physics. During the current academic year, the
    Institute has approximately 20 post-docs (including Drs. Tirtho
    Biswas, Gianluca Calcagni, Laurent Claessens, Golam Hossain,
    Simone Mercuri, and Andrew Randono in Fundamental Gravitational
    Theory). For further information on the Institute, see

    Current areas of research include Lagrangian and Hamiltonian
    formulations of gravitational theories with non-trivial boundary
    conditions, black hole dynamics, interface of analytical and
    numerical relativity, loop quantum gravity, mathematical, conceptual
    as well as phenomenological issues in cosmology, supergravity and
    gravitational aspects of string theory and non-commutative geometry.
    In particular, ideas from both loop quantum gravity and string
    theory are being applied to fundamental problems of cosmology,
    analysis of singularity resolution and the issue of information
    loss. More generally, the Institute provides a rare forum for
    stimulating exchanges of ideas between different approaches to
    quantum gravity.

    Interested candidates should send a CV, a publication list and a
    statement of research interests/plans and arrange to have three
    recommendation letters sent directly to:
    Randi Neshteruk
    IGC Post-doc Applications
    104 Davey Lab #258
    Penn State
    University Park, PA 16802-6300, USA

    E-mail applications will be accepted provided the material is
    included as PDF file attachments. They should be sent to:

    The deadline for receipt of all application material is
    December 31st, 2007. Penn State is an affirmative action/equal
    opportunity employer.
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    It will be interesting to see who fills that position.

    I'm glad you quoted the whole announcement, Christine, because it gives a thumbnail sketch of the Penn State groups----the people, interests, activities.
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