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Posting to Advanced Physics Learning Materials

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    Posting to "Advanced Physics Learning Materials"

    When I try to post new thread in "Homework & Coursework Questions" (and it seems to be the same in all "education") it tells me that I havent permission to do that. All other threads (for example "high energy") are working fine. Its a bug or a feature?
    Thank you very much
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    Re: Posting to "Advanced Physics Learning Materials"

    Learning Materials are restricted access. Too many people were posting content not considered learning materials, and too many spammers were spamming.

    One should be able to post in the "Homework & Coursework Questions" Forums, and in the various discussion forums.

    If there is a link to an online learning research, then please post it here, or contact a Mentor by PM.
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    Re: Posting to "Advanced Physics Learning Materials"

    As questions like this pop up fairly often, I wonder if it is technically possible to add a customised message giving the reason whenever posting permission is refused, that is a message specifically tailored to the forum in question? That way, users will know the block is intentional and won't need to come here to ask why.
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