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Potential energy, Is energy a constant scalar value?

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    Hello everyone,

    Does everything in the universe have potential energy? I know there are two main form's of energy that are showen every day... Motion KE and potential energy and I believe all physical object's have PE and some are in KE even if they lose that motion they will return back to PE.
    In a way everything in the universe has Potential Energy right?

    Everything thing around us that's not in motion has potential energy... As soon as a force is applied to it that causes it to move it gains kinetic energy?
    I look at energy as an ability given to all physical objects in the universe its more of a trait... I wonder is it constant? Does energy have a constant value? I believe not...

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    The zero-point of potential energy is arbitrary, so you can assign any potential energy value to any object you like.

    And everything in motion, too.

    In systems where it increases its speed.
    Kinetic energy depends on your reference frame.
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    Thanks! This makes a lot of good sense.

    I think there is no limit or constant number for potential energy we just know as a fact everything has energy in a certain form.
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    Would anyone else like to share more about this topic?
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