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I Power series - Different problem

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    In the power series below, I've used the ratio test and at the end I got |x-2| times infinity which is >1 so it diverges.. and in this case there is no interval of convergence because it's times inifnity.. How did he conclude that it converges at x=2??


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    Because at x = 2, the limit is mulitplied by 0, and the part that says "when x ≠ 0" really should say "when x ≠ 2".

    I should add that the absolute value on the fraction inside the limit is unnecessary. All the terms are positive, so the | | signs can be removed.

    And, the writer's grasp of English is not very good. It should say, "The series is convergent at ..." or "The series converges at ..."
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    I'm not sure if I got the first line well. if x=2 the limit will be multiplied by 0 so at the end we'll get 0 times inifnity. How is that convergent? Please elaborate. Thanks for your help!
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    Here's the series:
    $$\sum_{n = 1}^\infty \frac{(2n + 1)!}{n^3}(x - 2)^n$$
    If x = 2, every term in the series is 0, so the sum of the series is 0, and it is therefore convergent.
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