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Pre-Reqs for Materials Engineering

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    Currently, I'm an undergraduate majoring in Physics in America, and I want to get my masters in materials engineering in Israel (which works on the European education system--aaack!)
    Does anyone have any ideas what sort of pre-requisites I'll need?

    By the time I graduate I will have taken (among other things, like Storytelling):
    -General Physics + lab
    -General Chemistry + lab
    -Physical Chemistry I (i.e. chemical thermo)
    -Intermediate Physics Lab
    -Electricity and Magnetism
    -Introduction to Modern Physics
    -Classical Mechanics (possibly same thing as analyltical mechanics)
    -Introduction to Computer Science (read: the bare basics of programming in C++)
    -Either Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Chemistry or both
    -colloquium (sitting in on guest lectureres who are talking to the faculty)
    -Linear Algebra
    -Caculus I-III
    -Differential Equations
    -Mathematical Physics
    also internships/at least a year's worth of research in CNTs and fuel cells

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    I recommend Organic Chemistry. That is important for chemical engineering programs since it helps you understand things like polymers.

    Maybe you can squeeze it in if you skip classes which may overlap with other classes like Physical Chemistry I and Thermodynamics. Every university is different though.

    However I think many graduate programs will allow you to take undergraduate courses to catch up if you are missing anything.
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    Yeah, it was really Orgo that's on my mind...
    It fits into my schedule for next semester but it may overload me, so I was hoping to avoid it.
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