What is Materials engineering: Definition and 46 Discussions

The interdisciplinary field of materials science, also commonly termed materials science and engineering, covers the design and discovery of new materials, particularly solids. The intellectual origins of materials science stem from the Enlightenment, when researchers began to use analytical thinking from chemistry, physics, and engineering to understand ancient, phenomenological observations in metallurgy and mineralogy. Materials science still incorporates elements of physics, chemistry, and engineering. As such, the field was long considered by academic institutions as a sub-field of these related fields. Beginning in the 1940s, materials science began to be more widely recognized as a specific and distinct field of science and engineering, and major technical universities around the world created dedicated schools for its study.
Materials scientists emphasize understanding, how the history of a material (processing) influences its structure, and thus the material's properties and performance. The understanding of processing-structure-properties relationships is called the materials paradigm. This paradigm is used to advance understanding in a variety of research areas, including nanotechnology, biomaterials, and metallurgy.
Materials science is also an important part of forensic engineering and failure analysis – investigating materials, products, structures or components, which fail or do not function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property. Such investigations are key to understanding, for example, the causes of various aviation accidents and incidents.

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  1. A

    E-beam evaporation, Physical vapour deposition

    Hi all, Hope we have some electron beam evaporation specialists in the house. I'm working with an Telemark Electron Beam Source (Linear Multi-pocket and would like some help with the issues I am facing currently. I'm seeing blue light around both sides of the crucible when the e-beam is turned...
  2. A

    Material Characterization of Semiconductors

    I would like to plan on a postgraduate studies in Material Characterization - Semiconductor; how difficult is this subject since there are a varity of technques to master them properly in order to join the Semiconductor Industry?
  3. M

    What kind of plastic is best for this loudspeaker enclosure?

    I want to build a spherical speaker with a diameter of about 50 cm. The frequency response should be relatively deep. Now my question is, which type of plastic is best for it and how thick does the housing have to be?
  4. J

    Finding Values Using Fe-C Diagram for Materials Engineering Assignment

    Summary:: Need help with finding values using Fe c diagram Hi, I'm doing a materials engineering assignment. In the assignment they require us to make 3 swords being given martenistic steel bars with dimensions 40x100x1000mm with a composition of Fe-0.76wt.%C (eutectoid composition). Sword A...
  5. B

    Non Corrosive pipes in compost

    So with our initial prototype for our anaerobic digester, we weren't able to sustain the right temperature inside the tanks. One idea we came up with is to use the heat from the compost bins that is only within 10-20 feet from our tanks. We plan to circulate the fluid inside the digestion tanks...
  6. G

    Misc. Exploring Materials Engineering with DIY Test Machine & Arduino

    Hello there. I'm a veteran science teacher at the middle and high school level. I've taught a few years of physics and am interested in moving towards engineering. I have looked at a number of available curricula like Project Lead the Way which require a significant investment in time and money...
  7. G

    Programs Materials Science (B.Sc.) vs Materials Engineering (B.Eng)

    Hello, Looking for some guidance for my son. He will be a senior in high school in the fall and will be applying to university programs in Ontario, Canada. He is leaning towards studying chemistry and/or physics. We (his parents) absolutely want him to follow his passions, but of course are...
  8. PCal

    Materials selection and manufacture of a bracket

    Hi I'm on to the last question for my HNC and having a nightmare trying to work out my best options! Any help would be greatly appreciated! The bracket show in figure 1 is to be used to mount an outboard motor onto the transom of a boat. a. suggest two appropriate materials which will require...
  9. N

    Need to understand & manipulate EPS foam extrusion & production

    Hi I was wondering where I should look and what specifically should I study if i am trying to understand foam extrusion as a chemical process. , why certain defects appear in foam products considering that they are as a result of some extrusion or chemical mistakes. in short, i want to know...
  10. K

    What chemical should I use to etch away tin?

    I am having difficulty in finding a solution that can etch away tin compounds in my metallic surface. The metallic surface has a composition of palladium, copper, and silver. There is a tin compound deposited on the surface which I would like to etch away or remove. This is on a microscopic...
  11. A

    Electromagnetic Ring Expansion Test

    If my professor tasked me with finding out where to find the materials for setting up an electromagnetic ring expansion test, where is a good place to start? Generally, what is a good procedure to follow when setting up an experiment? I am not very experienced but I would like to learn. The...
  12. P

    Materials engineering Concrete

    Homework Statement How does the compressive strength of concrete samples compared to the expected compressive strength of cured concrete. If different explain why. The Attempt at a Solution I think the question is asking what is the relationship between time and curing. And I think that the...
  13. O

    PhD Metallurgy Research Design Template Request

    Hello everyone, I have a request. Can someone please provide me with a metallurgy research design template? I'm starting my 5th year in a MSE PhD program and for the last 3 years my advisor has instructed me to perform experiments on my alloy without reason. And while I thought this was...
  14. R

    Confused - Materials question regarding c/a ratio

    Hi everyone, first time poster here, I'm studying for a Materials exam, one of my weakest subjects and this question is causing me a lot of pain: Beryllium (Be) is a HCP metal with an atomic weight of 9 g mol-1 , an atomic radius of 0.112nm and a density of 1850 kg m-3 . Calculate its c/a ratio...
  15. M

    Engineering Materials Engineering vs Biomaterials Engineering

    Hello everyone, I am currently enrolled in a Materials Engineering course, but I recently found out that I might be allowed to switch to Biomaterials Engineering, which sounds a bit more appealing to me, since, at the moment, I am interested in a career in the pharmaceutical sector. However...
  16. G

    What materials bounce cowhide or vulcanized rubber most?

    I am trying to find out what material that cowhide or vulcanized rubber will bounce off the most? (High school student working on a patent, so really not too experienced with materials engineering.)
  17. M

    Engineering BEng Materials Engineering to MSc Biomedical Engineering?

    Hello everyone, I have been reading this forums for a while, and today I made an account! Anyway, I am currently a first year Materials Engineering student. Whilst I know it is still very early to start thinking about postgrad, I realized that my interest lies within...
  18. copper-head

    Making Carbon pellets with PVA

    Hey there. I am making Carbon pellets using polyvinyl alcohol as a binder to help shape the pellets. I would like to measure the pellet's conductivity without being hindered or influence by the conductivity of the PVA. One way to do it is to heat the pellets to 300 degrees and evaporate the PVA...
  19. E

    Find Sheer stress that produced slip

    Question is as follows: We have a single crystal of Al in a tensile tester. WE are applying a tensile stress, [δ][/Ψ] perpendicular to the 212 plane and we have found that slip has occurred. What is the shear stress that produced the slip? not sure how to proceed, first thought was use the...
  20. A

    Materials: scientist vs engineering (research wise)

    So, i am trying to decide between materials science or engineering, i understand the difference, and i am preferring engineering due to the better career perspective, specially that i am from a country where research isn't their first priority, but i am still very interesting in research and...
  21. F

    Low-cost low threshold optical beam limiter?

    Do you guys know a low-cost low-threshold optical beam limiter, with cost somewhere ~$100. Or if you know certain method to fabricate such. I would be greatful if you could include links and/or references. I am still noob in photonics so I am only familiar with a beam limiter that blocks the...
  22. R

    Materials or informatics (f you only had these two options)?

    Hi everyone, I need advice. I'm in a difficult situation right now. I'm living in a third world country and universities are few and far between. There is one near me that has a handful of careers, including two engineering types: "materials" and informatics. The rest of the options are social...
  23. T

    Converting stress-strain curve to shear stress-shear strain

    Homework Statement For a crystalline metal material - Elastic modulus E - Poisson ratio v - A table with test data of stresses vs. total strains, from a monotonic uniaxial tension test, which generates a stress-strain curve. How would you use this data to find the corresponding pure shear...
  24. Wyn

    Engineering Intro to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials by Naumann

    This is the book that is required for my materials science II class but I can't find this book, I can't even find the contents so I can find a similar book. Do you know any?
  25. F

    Engineering Relationship Mechanical Engineering and Nanotechnology

    I got a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and I am now doing a PhD in Nanotechnology in which I am synthesizing a nanomaterial. Someone just told me that nanotechnology is more like mechanical engineering and materials engineering than any other thing. Based on my work I can see the relationship...
  26. A

    Help with selecting materials -- military surveillance application

    1. To carry out a materials selection exercise for a military/surveillance portable infrared imager tripod. The exercise will be carried out by means of any legal and valid technique possible and applicable, including (but not withstanding) techniques described in lectures, textbooks &...
  27. A

    What materials are best for infrared imager tripod legs?

    I am an undergrad student studying mechanical engineering at the University of Malta. Stumbled across this forum whilst doing some research & decided to sign up! For anyone that can post suggestions I'm carrying out a material selection exercise for the legs of an infrared imager tripod :) All...
  28. E

    Materials Intensive Industries/Companies?

    Long post, read the TL;DR if you please! Hi everybody, first post here. Probably should have asked this much earlier, but I didn't find this site till just a few minutes ago. I'm a senior studying materials science and engineering, I'm planning to stay another year for a master's degree in...
  29. Luois Mers

    Engineering Materials engineering vs Mechanical engineering

    I am an student of Materials engineering I'm 4th semester. I have always wanted to develop airplanes (I grew up close to an airport). I know for some articles on internet that Mechanical engineering is closely related to aerospace engineering. Over the 4th semesters in materials engineering I...
  30. R

    Schools Graduate school for Materials Engineering? (Electrochemical?)

    Hello, I need some help trying to decide my future degree. Any comments would be appreciated! My History: I want to dedicate my career innovating Electrochemical technologies (Fuel Cells, Batteries, Solar Cells, etc...). Before entering college, I originally applied as a "Chemical...
  31. F

    Materials engineering help required please

    A tie rod of max strength and minimum mass performance index Max strength - τ= 2T/πr³ Min mass- P=t^(2/3)/p I have been asked to explain how the performance index is affected by (i) safety factor (ii) changing the objective to minimum cost Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  32. T

    Recently graduated with BE in Materials Engineering. What should I do next?

    I recently graduated from NUST, Pakistan completing my Bachelors in Materials Engineering. I've applied to several industries within and outside Pakistan but so far the response has been disappointing. I've been confused regarding where to start. There are a couple of questions I want to ask...
  33. B

    Materials Science vs. Materials Engineering

    I'm torn between the two options, and I would appreciate it if someone with experience could help me contrast materials science with materials engineering. From what I've heard, materials science ultimately leads towards research, and development of new material. Materials Engineers, on...
  34. M

    Engineering Chemical vs. Materials Engineering

    I've been doing some research on majors and have narrowed my interests down to something involving a mixture of chemistry and math, possibly physics as well. From what I have found Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering seem to be closest to my ideal mix, though the...
  35. W

    Engineering Is materials engineering too narrow?

    I recently sent in my application for the materials engineering program at McGill University. I was all set on this career path but doubt is beginning to set in. Friends and family have been telling me that materials engineering is a dead-end, that the jobs are few, and growth minuscule. They...
  36. A

    Materials Engineering - Aluminum Tubing Strength

    Background info: This is for a trebuchet I plan on building. Obviously lighter is better especially for the throwing arm which is why I need your help in figuring out that problem, so I can get it as light as possible without it having even a remote chance of failing. If there's information...
  37. C

    Debate: Chemical or Materials Engineering as a Career

    Dear Kind and Knowledgeable Contributors, I am a graduate student in my first year debating between completing the rest of my PhD. program in Chemical Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering. My university allows me to switch into either field. I believe I am equally capable in...
  38. S

    Engineering What comes after materials engineering PhD for international student?

    What comes after materials engineering PhD? Somebody I know has recently started a PhD in materials engineering in a decent (top 20) engineering school. He is mostly passionate about his work and is focusing on ceramics research. Recently he has started sharing with me his fears about not being...
  39. G

    First year materials engineering

    Homework Statement hey guys, I've got an assignment and its asking me to explain why some materials to have the same toughness value, but quite differnt fracture toughness values? i really don't understand wats the difference between toughness and fracture toughness? any help would be...
  40. E

    Is condensed physics the same as materials engineering?

    Or does it depend on which area of condensed physics one is specializing in?
  41. E

    Metallurgy and materials engineering

    hi everbody.. i graduated form metallurgy and metarials engineering.. ı want to do my master degree..l've been having trouble choosing the field.. i m intersted in carbon fibers about textile.. but ı didnt take any class for this material.. so what u think carbon fibers ın textile will be...
  42. B

    Chemistry or materials engineering?

    I'm interested in chemistry right now, even though I haven't taken a chemistry course in two years and my school would not allow me to take first semester chemistry for credit again because I have taken it in high school at another college. Now I am thinking of whether do chemistry or materials...
  43. mbrmbrg

    Pre-Reqs for Materials Engineering

    Currently, I'm an undergraduate majoring in Physics in America, and I want to get my masters in materials engineering in Israel (which works on the European education system--aaack!) Does anyone have any ideas what sort of pre-requisites I'll need? By the time I graduate I will have taken...
  44. S

    Materials Engineering (Crystal Structure) - C/A Ratio?

    Hi there, This may be a very basic question, but I have almost no knowledge of chemistry, unfortunately! Homework Statement Beryllium (Be) is a HCP metal with an atomic weight of 9, an atomic radius of 0.112nm and a density of 1850kg/m^3. Calculate its c/a ratio given that Avogadro's Number...
  45. A

    What Are Good Alternatives to Engineering Materials and Their Applications?

    Can someone recommend a book to use in lieu of "Engineering Materials and Their Applications" Flinn 4e? Table of contents: http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0471125083,descCd-tableOfContents.html"
  46. M

    Hi friends about metallurgical & materials engineering

    I'm studying at Physics ,but I am interested in materials engineering,and I want to learn more about M.M.E.in the world. :confused: thanks, maria