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Prerequisites for Plasma Physics and Fusion

  1. Jun 26, 2015 #1
    Hello I am looking to pursue a master or Ph.D in plasma physics focusing on fusion tokamak reactors.

    I have an undergrad in Comp Sci and am starting the necessary physics work to apply to grad school. Besides electromagnetics, are there other areas I should focus on?

    What are the best websites and/or resources to get started in it.
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    What sort of work in Plasma physics?

    In general, plasma physics would be a good start. :wink: Also: non-linear dynamics and computational physics (shouldn't be too far from what you know). You should do electrodynamics. Atom-light interactions, material/solid-state/condensed matter physics (plasma-material interactions are a big area of study at the moment), and a little nuclear physics can't hurt either. You should make sure you have the maths background - vector calculus, ODE's and PDE's are a must.

    For non-linear dynamics, Strogatz is a very good start. For E&M, Griffiths is a good start, and once you've mastered that, Jackson.
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    Can you explain what "... am starting the necessary physics work.... " means here? Are you enrolling in another undergraduate program? Are you taking part-time classes? Or are you just watching YouTube videos and reading Wikipedia?

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    Hey sorry for the late reply...

    I took engineering physics 20 years ago for the Comp. Sci program I was in so I am taking them again as a refresher before I apply for the physics school. I am also going to take EM non-matricular.
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