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Pressure drop across a filter medium vs. time modelling

  1. Feb 20, 2014 #1
    Hello guys, im a computer science PhD student. But my project somehow requires some knowledge about computational fluid dynamic modelling (both discrete and continuous). nowadays im abit stucked in an issue. I want to model pressure drop across a filter medium dynamically. i assume i have every parameter like flowrate, cake thickness, viscosity of suspension, particle diameter, solid ratio (concentration) etc. I know kozeny-carman, ergun, or endo equations used for pressure drop modelling. but they are not dynamic. time information is not included in the equations. how could the formulas converted to dynamic version if the experiments are done with CONSTANT flow rate pump. Any help with this greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Hi slayomer! Welcome to Physics Forums!!!
    The dynamic part is not going to be important, because the pressure drop-flow rate behavior is going to be dominated by viscous drag. So just use the steady state versions (i.e., assume instantaneous steady state). Of course you have to take into account the buildup of the filter cake.

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