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Price of 9 5/8 inch Steel Pipe

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    Dear all

    I am trying to work out a price of steel pipe that I have. I have 900 metres of 9 5/8 inch pipe it weighs 40 pounds per foot and the price is $1,600 a metric ton.

    Now if I want to get the price per metre then I understand that I have to divide by 2204.62, which is about how many pounds in a ton, then I multiply by pounds per foot, which is 40, then I then multiply by 3.281, which is about how many feet in a metre, and this gives me a price of $95.24 per metre which seems about right.

    However what confuses me is that I have noticed that doing it the opposite way does not give me the original $1,600 price. For example to work out price per metre into price per metric ton I would multiply by 3.281 then multiply by 2204.62 and then divide by 40 (pounds per foot) This gives me an answer of 17,222 which is not the original $1,600. And so therefore I have concluded that I am doing something wrong somewhere in one of these, or both of these equations. I would appreciate any feedback that is given.


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    First, find out how many feet you have (divide the total length in inches by 12"), then multiple the number of feet by 40, giving you your total weight. Convert to tonnes and you have your cost.
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    Keep your units straight!

    First convert meters to feet:
    m x ft/m = ft

    Now find out how much that weighs in pounds:
    ft x lb/ft = lb

    Convert pounds to kg:
    lb * kg/lb = kg

    then find the price:
    kg x $/kg = $
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