Principal Virtual Work Theories - Cylindrical Pipe Application

  1. Dear All,

    I did post this issues in the physics forum, however there is somebody ask me to post it in the engineering forum. With this I re-post it here.

    Does anyone here familiar with a theory called Principal Virtual Work (Equilibrium theory) ?
    I read somewhere that with this theory, i could relate(for pipeline application - collapse & buckling) the components for ovalisation, external pressure and hoop strain.
    Appreciate if somebody could guide me on this matter.

    Thank you


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    Principle of Virtual Work: body virtual work.pdf

    I've never used this principle for determining collapse or bucking of pipe. API Bulletin 5C3 gives lots of guidance on how to determine pipe collapse resistance.

    Buckling is normally determined based on Euler Buckling.

  4. CS,

    yes agreed in general....and it works well for a single layer pipe.....however for a multi-layer pipe i'm trying to analyse the behaviour of each individual layer (which have different E and Yield) properties. So each individual layer has its own allowable strain this where i want to have the relation between the properties i've mentioned earlier.

    thanx anyway.
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