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Probability Density Function....Help

The probabiltiy density function of the time to failure of an electric component in hours is [tex]f(x)=e^{(-x/3000)/3000}[/tex] for x > 0 and f(x) = 0 for [tex] x \leq 0[/tex] determine the probability that

a) A component last more than 1000 hours before failure
I know how to solve this part. All I have to to is integrate the given function from [1000, infinity].

But how do determine the number of hours at wich 10% of all the components have failed? I don't know what interval I should integrate over. Any Ideas?
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If F(x) is the probability that a component has failed by time x, you are looking for when F(x) = .10. Can you solve that?
yes I can. thank you!
when I solve it as you state that is no the answer.
any other ideas?

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