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Homework Help: Probability question on bank customers

  1. Jun 8, 2008 #1
    The probability of a customer arriving in a bank per minute is 0.9. How many customers will arrive in 10 minutes?

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    What are your thoughts on how to approach this question? Does the probability of a customer arriving in the first minute affect the probability of a customer arriving in the second minute? What is this property called, and how does it help guide you to the answer here?
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    I have absolutely no idea
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    I would say that in 1 minute there is a 90% chance that a customer may arrive, so in 10 minutes the number of customers I would expect is 9.
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    Correct. On average...
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    Think about what a probability is. Then think about how the probability of 0.9 was determined. At that point the answer is obvious.
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