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Homework Help: Probability theory and statistics

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    The time (minute) that it takes for a terrain runner to get around a runway is a random variable X with the tightness function
    fX = (125-x)/450 , 95≤x≤125

    How big is the probability of eight different runners, whose times are independent after 100 minutes:

    a) Everyone has scored?
    b) nobody has scored?

    2. Relevant equations
    I do know the distribution function is :

    FX(t) = P(X≤t) = ∫ (125-x)/450 * dx for x between 95 and t and we have
    (250t - t2 -14725)/900

    3. The attempt at a solution

    The right solution is :

    n=8 and from X1 to Xn, we can describe independent stochastic variables, the time when the last one came into target:

    And the time the first hit the finish line:
    Y= min(X1....Xn)
    Fz(t) = P(Z<t)= P(max(X1,...Xn)<t)= FX1(t)....FXn(t)

    in the same way:
    All in goal after 100 minutes: Z≤100
    P(Z<100) = [FX(100)]8 = (11/36) 8

    None in goal after 100 minutes: Y> 100
    P(Y>100) = 1-FY(100)= (1-Fx(100))8 = (25/36)8

    How do I think :
    I interpreted "The time everyone has scored after 100 minutes" as P (X> 100)
    And tried with P(100<X<125) = 1-Fx(100) = 0.69
    Then 0.698 = 0.051
    I know it's wrong, but this sentence "After 100 minutes ..." made me dizzy!

    Why do we have to use max and min in this case?!
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    The two approaches look identical to me and the answers agree apart from rounding errors.
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