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Homework Help: Problem Newtonian mechanics French

  1. Dec 14, 2016 #1
    • Member advised to use the homework template for posts in the homework sections of PF.
    A prisoner in jail decides to escape by sliding to freedom down a rope provided by an
    accomplice. He attaches the top end of the rope to a hook outside his window; the
    bottom end of the rope hangs clear of the ground. The rope has a mass of 10 kg, and the
    prisoner has a mass of 70 kg. The hook can stand a pull of 600 N without giving way. If
    the prisoner's window is 15 m above the ground, what is the least velocity with which he
    can reach the ground, starting from rest at the top end of the rope?

    My solution:

    For the hook I calculate:

    M-mass rope 10 kg

    m-mass prisoner 70 kg

    F –force max. on the hook 600 N

    h-height 15 m

    (1) F>T+Mg

    (2) ma=mg-T

    From 1 T < F-M and from 2 mg-ma<F-Mg



    Now v=SQRT(2*a*h) I can find h.

    But I am not sure for two free body diagram : (1) and (2). Is (1) probably F>T+Mg+mg because prisoner is on the rope or in (2) there is influence of mass of rope or not on the prisoner?

    Please help how to think at this problems.
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  3. Dec 14, 2016 #2
    Now v=SQRT(2*a*h) I can find h.

    It should be: I can find v
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    It is impossible to answer your question since you have not defined T.
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