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Problem: Prove invariance of momentum factor

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    In the derivation of scattering amplitudes (e.g. page 94 in http://kcl.ac.uk/content/1/c6/06/20/94/LecturesSM2010.pdf [Broken]) does anyone have a clue as to how to prove that the momentum uncertainty element

    (\delta p)^3/E

    is Lorentz invariant? I know how to do it for the measure d^3p/E, but I am not sure how to proceed for the given (non-infinitesimal) element.


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    I would say that it is proven in the same was as for the measure.
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    For the measure, you prove it by noting that
    \int d^4p \delta(p^2)
    is a lorentz invariant and by the properties of the dirac delta function this reduces to the given measure over three momentum. I don't see how there would be an analog in the case of 'errors'
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