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Aerospace Problem regarding Dihedral of wigs

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    i have a doubt.
    Which configuration is more advantageous to the wings in terms of lift generated and stability?
    1. a wing with a full span dihedral from fuselage to the tip

    2. A wing with a partial span range dihedral from tips to somewhere in the wings and then straight till fuselage

    3. a wing with a partial span dihedral from fuselage to some point on wing and then straight wings till the tip.

    please help if anyone knows.
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    It is my understanding that a straight wing with no dihedral will provide more lift than any dihedral configuration but at the cost of roll stability. As to which dihedral is better it may be a good idea to remember there are losses in lift within the proximity of the fuselage of an aircraft. A dihedral from the fuselage to some point along the span and then a straight span would provide more lift than a straight wing from the fuselage to the same point along the wing span followed by the same dihedral.
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    which dihedral is simple in construction?
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    The simplest dihedral in construction is a full span dihedral. You make one righ and one left wing and join them in the middle wit bridge or sandwhich plates. If you have the dihedral start or stop at some point along the span you have twice the joints to make.
    If you are making a model it is easy to go without a dihedral and use a low center of gravity to cause stability - like a pendulum.
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    thanks for your advice. i will surely consider it
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