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Problem with equation / proving formula

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Homework Statement

I have to prove some formula, I got stuck in the process.

Homework Equations

Formula to prove:
[tex]v_{0} = \frac{M+m}{m}\sqrt{2gus}[/tex]
Valid equation that should get me to this formula:
[tex]\frac{m^2v_{0}^2}{2(M+m)} = gmus[/tex]

The Attempt at a Solution

[tex]v_{0}^2 = \frac{M+m}{m}2gus[/tex]
[tex]v_{0} = \sqrt{\frac{M+m}{m}2gus}[/tex]

I'm pretty sure my math has failed me here, that right handside of the equation seems fishy, or maybe book did a mistake?
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Answers and Replies

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You seem to be correct may be there is a mistake in the book, what is u?
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Yeah I'm probably gonna assume that there's a mistake in the book, u is the coefficient of friction, this equation is the given equation of kinetic energy = work where the force is the force of friction.