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Problem with fopen in xcode (C)

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    Hello all, I'm having a very frustrating time with this piece of code. For some reason, I can't seem to open the file I'm trying to read data in from. This piece of code works in everything I've tried, except xCode. This wouldn't bother me, but I really only use my laptop for coding, so I need it to work in xCode.

    The debugger stops at the fopen command line, like it can't find the file.

    If any of you can give me any help I would really appreciate it. I've included the original code and a screenshot of the XCode setup.

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    It stopped because you set a breakpoint?
    Press f5 (or whatever in xcode) or clear the breakpoint.
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    Thanks for that advice. That fixed one problem, but brought up another...

    When compiling I get a "signal 10 (SIGBUS)" error. I looked it up and according to "Step Into Xcode"...

    "In a C program, this almost always means that a proper value has not been supplied for a pointer."

    I've gone through it and found that I get the error in the fscanf command...this is just the simple line I tried to compile...

    Any more help would be appreciated. I hate spending time on these computer using problems, I'd much rather spend my time learning to write code!

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    Check the return from fopen, input will be null if the open failed.
    if ( input = fopen("data.txt","r") ) { fscanf(input.....) }

    My guess would be that xcode puts the build in a debug subdir and data.txt is in the current dir.
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    You sir, have made my week.

    You were correct. The program puts the code in a debug subdir where the data file was not. If I move the data file to the subdir, all is fine.

    Although that is somewhat inconvenient to do, it solves my problems for the near future.
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    There is probably an option in the debug setup somewhere to set the starting directory for the debug session.
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