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Problems in the modern semiconductor/electronics technology?

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    Since I am asking about research in QM/Solid State Physics, I thought it would be appropriate to put this question here. I will not be offended if it will be moved to the EE forum

    From what I have read, the problem with modern semiconductors/electronics seems to be quantum tunnelling and heat. The root of these problems is the size of the devices. The electrons are leaking out, and currents are causing active materials to melt.

    How far have we become in this regard? Can we make our devices even smaller? What is being done to maintain advancements in computing power? What is the main research, particularly in quantum mechanics and in solid state physics, being done to compute faster using less energy and space?
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    I am going to bump this.
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    I cannot give you exact details. But we have advanced pretty far in the technology (however with ever increasing costs). Thus its just kind of unreasonable to invest in this immediately.
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