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Procedure for calibrating the force probe

  1. Oct 7, 2007 #1

    I need help for 3 questions

    1) Describe qualitatively the procedure for calibrating the force probe.

    2) when determining the acceleration over a timeinterval, LoggerPro provides the following statistics :

    Average 0.107
    Standard Deviation 0.120
    Number of Points 54

    Determine how many significant figures you should include in your average, and write the value here with the correct number of significant figures. Be sure to explain clearly how you arrive at your answer.

    3) If quantity A is proportional to quantity B, describe how a graph of A vs. B should look.

    I have tired to answer these question and I got wrong results.

    I need help to solve these questions

    thank you
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    Do you mind sharing your wrong results with us? Perhaps we could point out where your tripping up?
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