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A test probe is a physical device used to connect electronic test equipment to a device under test (DUT). Test probes range from very simple, robust devices to complex probes that are sophisticated, expensive, and fragile. Specific types include test prods, oscilloscope probes and current probes. A test probe is often supplied as a test lead, which includes the probe, cable and terminating connector.

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  1. A

    Finding the final speed of a space probe using work and kinetic energy

    First I found work: W=(3.85x10^5)(2.45x10^8) W= 9.43x10^13 Then used that for difference of kinetic energy: 9.43x10^13 = (1/2) (4.55x10^4)v2^2 - (1/2)(4.55x10^4)(1.22x10^4)^2 9.43x10^13 = (22750)v2^2 - 3.386x10^12 9.43x10^13 + 3.386x10^12 = (22750)v2^2 9.77x10^13 = 22750v2^2 9.77x10^13/22750...
  2. J

    I GM tube and dual probe scintillator

    Recently I measured a range of sources with two detectors comparing their efficiency. One of the sources used (C-14) was a pure beta emitter and it made me wonder. If a radioactive source decays by beta then gamma, will one decay register as two counts as two radioactive particles are produced...
  3. T

    B Mars Probe gets Windows 98 Update, after 19 years

  4. KyleGranger

    Differential Probe Ratings

    Hi, I am looking at a Micsig DP2003 high voltage differential probe. It's rated for 5.6 kV differential voltage. I understand that the differential votlage is measuring across two terminals which can be floating (not referenced to GND). The specs say it is rated for 1 kV common mode voltage...
  5. M

    Probe to the Ocean of Enceladus

    Summary:: Speculative question on the feasibility of using a nuclear powered probe to reach the subsurface ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus. I was thinking about the problem of how to put a probe in the ocean of Enceladus. Enceladus is a moon of Saturn which has some interesting properties. It...
  6. B

    I Probe absorption and dressed states

    Hello! I am reading about dressed states, and I am presented a situation in which we have a laser (the pump laser) on resonance with a 2 level (atomic) transition, and a second, weak laser (probe laser) that is scanned over a frequency range. The absorption spectrum of the probe laser, for...
  7. S

    What is the significance of using U/2I in four point probe theory?

    Dear Ladys and Gentlemans, I want to measure the sheet resistance R_square on a printed product. My measuring equipment consists a SMU to supply and measure and a four point Probe by Jandel. As output size I get the electrical resistance R (basically the measured Voltage U divided by the supply...
  8. mfb

    I First results from Parker Solar Probe on Wednesday (18:30 pm UTC)

    The publication will be released half an hour before. Press release, link to live stream and so on. The panel: It is now 8:00 UTC, so this is in 1 day 10.5 hours.
  9. nsaspook

    NASA NASA aluminum fraud scheme probe

    https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/01/nasa-aluminum-fraud-scheme-probe/ Only fined for $46 Million?
  10. C

    Geiger (or other ionizing ray) Probe for Vacuum Conditions

    I am planning a physical experiement under vacuum conditions. In this experiement, I want to detect ionizing rays, especially as broad band as possible, for instance including alpha radiation. Typically geiger tubes are filled with a certain gas, that gets ionized by the radiation to measure...
  11. John A Perazzo

    I stumbled here pursuing my question on Solar Probe momentum dumping

    Hello. My name is John. I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics. I am now classified as a senior citizen. I have always been interested in science. I've been following the progress of NASA's Parker Solar Probe and in the latest blog, Geoff Brown of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics...
  12. T

    B Find the Perfect 4 Point Probe Head Online - Expert Recommendations

    Hello! Dear Forum Members, I'm searching 4 point probe head on internet but i could'nt find it. Could you help me find it?
  13. H

    I Cooling the Parker Solar Probe

    This probe is designed to fly closer than 4 million miles from the sun's 'surface'. Is it possible in principle to cool the spacecraft 's inner facing surface by transferring heat to a cooler part and then radiating it into space from the far surface? I don't think it is equipped with such tech...
  14. D

    How a pH Probe Works: A Comprehensive Guide

    Homework Statement How does a pH probe work? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution A combined pH probe is comprised of 2 electrodes a measuring and reference electrode. The measuring electrode is composed of glass with a silver alloy electrical wire submerged into a neutral KCl solution...
  15. sophiecentaur

    B Using Venus in the Parker Solar Probe mission

    The Parker Solar Probe mission will be launched soon and I was reading that it will use gravity assist from Venus to bring its orbit closer and closer to the Sun over about seven years. The diagram in this link shows the plan for seven flyby's of Venus to lower the orbit. Now, to get down close...
  16. F

    Writing: Input Wanted Some problem solving -- probe is traveling to Alpha centauri

    Hello, I am trying to write a scene- story is set a bit in the future in which theoretically, using nuclear as a fuel is a possibility in space travel. The problem I'm trying to solve right now is if a probe is traveling to Alpha centauri (4.37) light years from the sun and the probe...
  17. A

    A NMR Experiments: Why Do I Need a Broadband Probe Head?

    Hello I have to do an nmr experiement. Why do i need a broadband probe head? I have a magnet with 2 tesla. and modulation coils on it with a frequency of 50hz. For example i have a resonance frequency at 50mhz. i hope you can pelp me.
  18. Stavros Kiri

    Cassini's Grand Finale - Fascinating New Insight

    I thought this is interesting (and new)! Any thoughts or insights? E.g. I liked the "... as Cassini becomes part of the planet itself ..." on 3' 12'' ...
  19. Nikhil N

    Different voltage measure while probe connected to 50/5A CT

    I have connected the probe to secondary of ring type CT and placed a wire as primary with one multi-meter connected at both ends. When I am checking the probe ends, its 7.1V AC, but it reading 45mV AC when connected to CT. Why this is happening?
  20. J

    Applied physics of current probe / generator clamps

    Im studying Maxwell's equations in a part time degree and I starting thinking in job about a particular task we perform... The situation In work we have a power cable and attach two items to it. One current-clamp-loop-generator (ferrite core wound N turns with wire) and one...
  21. Srismiles

    A Four Probe Method: Why 0-200mV & 0.20mA?

    Why we use 0 to 200 mv and 0 to 0.20 ma in four probe method and also why we use only mercury thermometer in this method?
  22. 1

    Sub $100 Low minimum High Voltage DC probe (3kV minimum)?

    Hi I'm looking for a suitable high voltage prob for my research project. I'm in contact with voltages that can have transient spikes as high as 3.0kV but my DVM only measures up to 1kV and 97% of the time I am under this range. I bought this and it was perfect the only problem is that it has a...
  23. N

    A 4 probe conductivity in discs (Smits)

    See ref (Smits, 1958, Bell Technical Journal: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/j.1538-7305.1958.tb03883.x/abstract (also Google will show a pdf copy that is not pay-walled) The paper describes correction factors for doing 4 probe conductivity measurements on cylinders (semiconductor...
  24. J

    Would it be possible to send a robotic probe to the Earth's core?

    Would it be possible to send a robotic probe to the Earth's core?
  25. Planobilly

    How does probe attenuation affect input impedance on a scope

    I assume the 10X setting to be the most useful with audio work. Comments?? My oscilloscope has 1M ohm input impedance when set at 10X as stated above. What is the likely impedance at 1X ? The manual indicates the above chart is based on the probe being set at 10X. As I am dealing with DC...
  26. D

    Optical Probe Clarity: Examining Power Loss vs. Beam Spot

    I work in a lab that uses laser probes to test for vibration and other data, currently the lab techs hook up the probe to a laser source and check to see how bright and clear the beam spot is. I have been working on having a signal power budget created for each probe using a laser source and...
  27. I

    I Pump Probe Spectroscopy: Introduction to a Powerful Technique

    Hello there ! I am looking for a brief description of a pump probe technique. I am rather new to this subject, so I am interesting in such a good introductory articles or books. Your own explanations are always welcome ;)
  28. T

    Project Orion again - why not interstellar probe?

    I was watching recently that PBS Space Video on youtube about space propulsion and it got me thinking about Project Orion again. They talk about sending humans to another star system, but would it not be spectacular enough to send probe? The probe could scan and photograph planets there and...
  29. B

    Can't figure out solution -- Space probe with engine thrust vectors

    Homework Statement A space probe has two engines. Each generates the same amount of force when fired, and the directions of these forces can be independently adjusted. When the engines are fired simultaneously and each applies its force in the same direction, the probe, starting from rest...
  30. P

    Weird Defensive Force Field of Alien Space Probe

    In a rather bad science fiction movie, astronauts Susie (mass 60 kg) and Fred (mass 86 kg) are investigating an alien probe. All of a sudden, the probe starts to produce a weird defensive force field. Their space ship's board computer scans the field and produces the above plot of the potential...
  31. P

    China aims to be first to land probe on moon's far side

    China aims to be first to land probe on moon's far side China's increasingly ambitious space program plans to attempt the first-ever landing of a lunar probe on the moon's far side, a leading engineer said. Continue reading...
  32. Hanyuri

    Questions on Rs measurement by four point probe device

    Hi all, I am working on electronics material (using metal oxide as an active layer in TFTs). Currently, I'm trying to measure the sheet resistance (Rs) of CuO thin film (~100nm in thickness). My lab uses Agilent B1500 device for measuring the Rs. I met some problems when carrying out the...
  33. G

    Ion density in sheath of Langmuir probe in plasma

    Hello. I'm studying principle of Langmuir probe and got several questions. 1st, the textbook suddenly tells that ion density within sheath is ni(x) = nis(Vs/V(x))1/2 where nis, Vs are ion density and plasma potential at sheath edge. I found some document which shows that it is obtained by...
  34. newjerseyrunner

    Could a Titan probe detect life with polarized light?

    I had a thought and was wondering if it's viable to detecting whether or not life exists in Titan's hydrocarbon seas, whether we get direct evidence or not. Titan lakes are hydrocarbons, which likes to create twisted polymer chains. Nature (lightning, cosmic rays...) should produce polymers...
  35. A

    Hall Effect Probe for Measuring Magnetic Field Strength

    Homework Statement In a probe that uses the Hall effect to measure magnetic fields, a 11-A current passes through a 1.33-cm-wide and 1.31-mm-thick strip of sodium metal. If the Hall emf is 2.42 μV, what is the magnitude of the magnetic field (take it perpendicular to the flat face of the...
  36. E

    What is the advantage of using a differential probe for power calculation?

    Hi all, I found online that most professional websites suggest using differential probes to calculate power, along with a current probe, for a DUT. What advantage does the diff probe give us for power calculation? Thanks
  37. 1

    IV curve for voltage across shunt for probe current (Helimak experiment)

    Homework Statement Let's say I have a Langmuir probe I-V characteristic from the Helimak experiment. The plasma ions are singly ionized argon. The probe has an effective area of 0.000016 m^2. Estimate the floating potential, electron density, and temperature. Based only on the nature of the...
  38. B

    What Factors Affect Ultrasound Penetration Depth?

    Hi, I want to calculate the penetration depth of some different frequency ultrasound transducers. I know that it depends on the attenuation of the medium but not sure where these types of figures will be hiding. I assume that once the dB lost for the depth is equal to the dB generated, this is...
  39. B

    Designing with Thermal expansion in mind

    Hi, I am trying to design a tubular probe that's made of stainless steel (304), from what I've read it has a Thermal expansion coefficient of around 9.6 x10^-6 in/in/F give or take on the quality. I want to fill this tube halfway with an Epoxy, however from what I've read this epoxy has a...
  40. B

    Time Dilation Effects on a Probe

    I was having a discussion with a colleague earlier today regarding exoplanet exploration. Being that the biggest challenge for mankind to travel to distant planets is that time dilation would make such an extreme effect that by the time we reached our destination thousands of years may have...
  41. E

    Does energy level determine the smallest region of spacetime that can be probed?

    Is it true that as you go higher in energy, from 1 eV to GeV to 10 TeV, you can probe smaller spacetime region. Since the LHC has only probed up to the 4 TeV or so, it means they have probed the corresponding tiny region of spacetime.. meaning it is still possible spacetime becomes discrete at...
  42. S

    How can powder resistivity be measured with 4-point probe?

    I am studying on Fe powder samples. I have used I-V measurement system to get resistivty. However, I would like to measure with 4-point probe. but I am confused how to prepare the powder sample for 4-point probe. could you tell me there is a way?
  43. M

    Pitot Tube will not measure stagnation pressure

    I have made a pitot tube that I am using to measure the velocity of air in a pipe. First, I placed the probe into the pipe such that the hole in the probe was parallel to the flow to obtain static pressure. It did this successfully and I proved this using a piezometer. However, I then turned the...
  44. B

    Launching a Probe to the Sun: Aim Against Earth's Velocity?

    Got this problem on a standardized test Suppose scientists wanted to land a probe ON the Sun. The probe is being launched from the Earth. What direction should they aim launch the probe if they are launching it from the Earth? 1) Directly towards the sun 2) Directly away from the Sun — obv...
  45. rogerk8

    What makes 0603 LEDs stick to probe?

    Hi! I had an interesting chat with a physisist colleague of mine this week. Working with modern small electronic components I began to wonder why my extremely pointy probes, measureing the direction of the light emission diode, stuck so irritating hard to it that it could not break loose after...
  46. steves1080

    Calculate drag force on a temperature probe inserted in a water pipe

    I'd like to add a temperature probe to a 4" water pipe downstream of a centrifugal fill pump, but I am afraid of the probe shearing from being subjected to a constant force from the upstream pump (which pumps at about 400 gal/min). Naturally, my thought was to use the drag force equation, but I...
  47. Q

    Pump probe spectroscopy as linear process away from equilibrium

    Greetings everyone, I have recently been trying to generate some theoretical pump probe spectroscopy data. The typical way to do this is via third order time dependent perturbation theory and applying phase matching approximations / Rotating wave approx etc etc. There is however, no...
  48. C

    How do I drive this cheap ultrasonic probe?

    Hi everyone, I've acquired a cheap ultrasonic probe (advertised as for a thickness gauge.) It's a temperature resistant probe up to 300C and operates at 5MHz. It came with no documentation or means to drive it. It terminates in two LEMO 00 connectors, and I've acquired 2 LEMO 00 to BNC...
  49. L

    Probe for Hydrogen Peroxide residue analysis

    Hi everyone, I've been reading articles and looking at many websites for methods to measure hydrogen peroxide residue concentration in lake water, waste water and ocean water as well as in cell extract in situ . But I'm not satisfied. sometimes they seem too complicated and may require a lot of...
  50. H

    Space Probe Problem: Power, Temperature & Thermal Shield

    Thanks for any help in advance. I'm currently doing random physics problems in preparation for my exam. I came across this one and thought I'd give it a go. The question at hand is, A space probe has a 100W thermal energy source and is in deep space after some years of travel. The surface of...