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Professor of Engineering Physics

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    Hello, I've decided to go ahead and attempt to get into an Applied and Engineering Physics PhD program once I've completed my B.S. in Engineering Physics. I had a question though that hopefully someone could answer for me. I would like to initially work in some sort of industry once I finish grad school, however, when I retire or maybe even before then, I would like to switch to academia and teach as a professor. I was wondering what sort of classes a professor of Engineering Physics would teach at a university...engineering classes? physics classes? both? Thanks for any input.
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    Your background could be applicable to many different physics courses and classes, but probably generally more on the theoretical side, rather than practical classes. However, teaching is generally handed to those who have the best domain knowledge about a particular topic and who have the best teaching skills. Actually, teaching skills are more important than extensive domain knowledge. But if a course is about a topic that a particular professor does research on, then it's logical for him/her to educate the students with the field's latest advancements in mind.
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