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Projectile Motion: Finding angles given velocity and impact coordinates

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    I'm not looking for someone to work this one out for me, and I know I have done this type of problem in entry level physics, but it's popped up again in dynamics, and physics is mostly a blur these days.

    Given the muzzle velocity and impact coordinates of a rifle, find the angles of elevation that will make the shot.

    we can derive two equations with two unknowns, t and θ, however I can't remember the trick to solving this equation.

    I can get the answer with my favorite calculator, but that's cheating, and I want to be able to do this one in a pinch.

    Any hints you guys can provide would be wonderful,

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    There are three equations. One for the horizontal motion at constant speed, and for the vertical motion - one for distance and one for velocity. Usually you choose one horizontal equation and one vertical one, eliminate time and solve for velocity.
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