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Homework Help: Projectiles (delta)(theta) = g(delta)t/V0

  1. May 23, 2007 #1
    Projectiles....(delta)(theta) = g(delta)t/V0

    I am given this problem...
    if the projectile is fired a short time (delta)t later, show that the angle correction is
    (delta)(theta) = g(delta)t/V0
    where V0 is the inital speed of the projectile and by assuming that the elevations of the projectile and the target are about the same.
    g is accleration due to gravity

    Any ideas on how to show/proof this concept..
    any/all idea is appreticated :smile:
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    A short time later than what? Is there more to this question? What have you tried so far?
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    Welcome to the PF, calgaryleb. One of the most important rules here on the PF is that we do not do your homework or coursework or test problems for you. We are happy to offer tutorial help, and refer you to sources of information, and correct mistakes we see in your work, but we will not give you answers.

    So please list the relevant equations (there's a reason that those are asked for in the Homework Help Template that you deleted when you made this post....), and please show us your work so far. And as hage567 says, you need to list the full question as well (gee, that's in the Homework Help Template too....)
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