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Homework Help: Propagating wave find initial phase angle?

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    Propagating wave find initial phase angle??

    A wave is propagating down a string having a diameter of 0.0013 m and a density of
    5240 kg/m3. The wave has the form y = A sin(k x - w t + beta)
    where A = 0.011 m, w = 59.8 rad/s, and k = 72.4 rad/m.
    the velocity of propagation of the wave is 0.825967 m/s

    The transverse speed @ y/@t is 0.177606 m/s at x = 0.0102762 m and t = 0.00385686 s.
    What is the initial phase angle beta if we assume that 0 < k x - w t + beta < pi ?
    Answer in units of rad.
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    Re: Propagating wave find initial phase angle??

    I suggest finding dy/dt and plugging in the values given at a specific x and t. Since all the other constants are given, this should give you an equation for [itex]\beta[/itex].
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