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Proper material for electrolytic cell?

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    We are considering recovering the silver out of our waste fix solution from the photo labs on campus.

    What is the best (reasonably acquired) material (as in non-platinum) for the cathode/anode?
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    For electrolysis of water stainless steel is very good, but I don't know about recovering silver.
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    Stainless seems to be the best bang for the buck for this as well. Anyone else have something to add or does this seem like the most reasonable choice?
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    I wonder if silver itself would not do the trick. It is inert enough for many applications, and in case it dissolves it will just reappear on the cathode.
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    Silver would probably work and we could reverse the cathode/anode configuration to keep the plates 'even' but the material is expensive and could be difficult to find in plates, as in it is likely not available on campus in on of our scrap piles :)
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